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house of worship audio

Isaac Newman is a 2006 CRAS grad who carved out a niche as an audio pro in the burgeoning House of Worship market. He was recently featured in Church Production magazine in an article telling the story Isaac’s church, Temple of Greater Beth-El and their high-end audio installation. Just last year, the facility won “Best Design, Implementation and Operation: Video Equipment/System” at WFX (Worship Facilities Conference & Expo) in Houston.

“Every Sunday I go in and capture the service, edit the tracks in Pro Tools and the video on the Avid system. I’ve gotten it down to a science…” – Gregory Newman, bishop, Temple of Greater Beth-EL, Phoenix

House of Worship Audio

House of Worship Audio is an often overlooked aspect of the audio industry. Churches, especially mega-churches, often have phenomenal sound systems. They need to have top-quality audio visual setups to make sure that the sermons can be clearly heard by all those in attendance. Some mega-churches in the Phoenix area report over 100,000 visitors every weekend! Budgets for audio gear are typically generous. With as many churches in existence as there are, there is a high demand for knowledgable audio engineers to run those soundboards.

“I started out as an audio guy, doing live sound,” Isaac explains. “As our live situation in the church began to evolve, I pretty much threw myself headlong into learning everything I could about digital technology.”

By 2006, Isaac’s quest for knowledge brought him to Arizona’s Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences.

“I went there specifically to learn about Pro Tools,” he says. “I’d been looking at all these digital consoles, and John was telling me about all the stuff we could do with the VENUE system. I knew that was the way we wanted to go. So there I was, the only guy in my class who was interested in using Pro Tools for live stuff. I didn’t care about getting an internship in a studio, I had my own thing going on here at the church. I wanted to know about time code, I wanted to learn about video, I was like a kid in a candy store.”

The Avid VENUE certification is just one of the many certifications offered at CRAS.

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