Top Ten Unusual Christmas Songs Part 2

Following up from the first half of my Unusual Christmas Songs list yesterday, here we get even further into some of the stranger selections that I came across in my journey from Arizona to the frozen winter wonderland of misfit Christmas songs.

Bobby Pickett – Monster’s Holiday

Mostly known for his ultimate Halloween classic “Monster Mash”, Bobby Pickett is a staple of iconic holiday themed music. I absolutely love that song and of course we all hear it year after year as leaves turn from green to red as they slowly shed in October. What I wasn’t aware of until very recently was that he had a follow up hit to this marvelous masterpiece – Monster’s Holiday, one of the most amazing of the Christmas songs selection. This is essentially the same song, just tinkered and twisted to fit the snowier of the two holidays. Both came out in 1962 and even though most major record labels at the time wanted nothing to do with it, the Monster Mash forever changed Halloween, and Monster’s Holiday is just as fantastic, if perhaps a bit lesser known.

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Top Ten Unusual Christmas Songs You Haven’t Heard

It certainly is that holiday time of year, and looking back on all the seasons past, it’s usually Christmas songs that makes the sugar plum fairies all dance in our heads. There are the standard holiday cheers, the carols, and the sing-a-longs that we have known for our whole lives. But then it struck me, what about some new songs? What are some unconventional Xmas tracks that I might want to have kicking around to throw on at add hours of our parties? Well, I spent some time, I made a list, checked it twice, and here’s 25 songs that I’ve collected, some definitely naughty, and a few are nice.

The Vandals – Oi To The World

Off of the 1996 release of the same name, this song is a great, upbeat punk track from a band that has been considered to be one of the most influential in the emerging 90s punk scene. While this song has been panned by a lot of professional music critics, I happen to quite enjoy this track for its great message of togetherness while still enforcing the punk love of scrapping in the streets, all set to a catchy vibe, complemented with a great bell arrangement to give it that real Christmas flavor. As a bonus, since I love cover songs, No Doubt released a great version of this track as well, providing their own ska touch.

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