CRAS at the Tempe Guitar Show

cras at tempe guitar show

This weekend we had the pleasure of hanging out at the Tempe Guitar Show. This year marked the fifth annual occurrence of the Show, which was sponsored by Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers and was held in downtown Tempe. This is just one great example of all of the amazing different arts festivals and shows that the Tempe area has to offer, and we were glad that we could be part of it!

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Graduate Chris Mullings Engineers The Neighbourhood’s Debut Album

chris mullings the neighbourhood

I got really excited to see the headlining act at tomorrow’s VIVA Phoenix festival was a band that our grad, Chris Mullings had recorded at 4th Street Recording in LA. I got in touch with Chris to do a quick interview of his success and ask a little about his work on The Neighbourhood’s debut album “I Love You”.

Chris graduated from CRAS in 2005. Chris relocated to LA and interned at Rocket Carousel with Grammy nominated engineer/producer Greg Wells. After his time there, he started interning at 4th St. Recording, where currently he engineers and produces today! Check out his interview with CRAS below:

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