Audio Technica Mic Contest Winner

Audio Technica Mic 4040

Here at the Conservatory, we have an ongoing Audio Technica contest. Students are encouraged to book sessions and record a project exclusively using Audio Technica mics. Students can use any of our studios, and even use our wide selection of AT mics that include the ATM23HE, AT4047, AT4050, AT 4060 and more!

decarlos with his mic

One of our students who just recently went out to their internship has just been announced as the winner in the latest run of our Audio Technica contest! DeCarlos has been working hard at Media City Sound in California, where several of our grads are also currently employed. DeCarlos used an array of mics to record vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, as well as an upright bass.

mic on upright bass

Here’s a brief rundown on his experience with this session:

With the mics I used to track this session, I found myself not having to do too much EQing. The transient response was pretty good on the AT4050 and AT4051 (spaced pair configuration) for the guitar parts because it gave a crispier sound to the plucking parts, and also brought out the small details of each instrument.

I chose the AT4040 for the vocals because I’ve had some experience with it. I like how the vocals sit in the mix when recording with it, it allows you to make the vocals sound in your face but not intrusive.

Overall this was really a good experience! If i didn’t win then I was going to buy one. Now I’m gonna have to buy another AT model. I am officially a fan!

audio technica mic contest winner at ssl console

We are proud to be able to provide our students with this kind of opportunity, and to have this incredible relationship with such a great mic manufacturer! This will be an ongoing contest and I can wait to see the submissions from our current and future students! Congratulations, DeCarlos!

PRG at CRAS 2014

prg at cras day 7

CRAS grads Adam Parrish and Jesika Graf brought some great gear out last week to the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. The Production Resource Group is the largest live sound re-enforcement provider in the world. PRG’s Operations Manager, Adam Parrish and his assistant Jesika Graf partnered together with our AES student chapter to create an unforgettable experience for the Conservatory students.

prg at cras event live sound

They rolled in with over one million dollars worth of audio, video and lighting equipment. They were there to oversee volunteers from our current student body load in all this gear, set it up, and run a live show which included the band Sol Ride, radio personality Kevin Gassman, and various student talent performances.

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