CRAS Mobile Broadcast Recording Truck!

cras mbu broadcast recording truck

Today wraps up the first week with our brand new mobile broadcast recording curriculum here at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. As part of our new extended curriculum, students will be learning broadcast audio production in addition to the numerous other skills we train in the audio engineering field.

cras broadcast studio e

Instructors Cory Patterson and Eli Salazar, with the help of CRAS veteran Brock and the cooperation of the legendary Fred Aldous, have pioneered a new path into this exciting field of study that no other school currently offers! Just think about how crazy that is… Every football game, baseball game, MMA or boxing bout, NASCAR, virtually every sporting event – of course we can see these on TV, but we have to be able to hear them to truly enjoy them. I didn’t even realize how much work went on behind the scenes to get the audio ready for production, and it’s all done in real time!

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The End of an Era

CRAS Gilbert Front era

In November 2002, the Conservatory first held classes in its then new 10 cycle MRP II program! This was a monumental change from the previous curriculum of 5 cycles at the Tempe campus only. Expanding to 10 cycles, and two campuses, allowed us to provide much more detailed education to our students. The two campuses were mirrored, with four studios and a number of classrooms at each location, including the 6,000 square foot live sound venue.

cras live sound venue students

Today adds a new notch to the most recent epoch of CRAS. This is officially the last on-campus day of class for our last group of students in the 10 cycle MRP II audio engineering program! As our latest batch of freshly-tuned audio engineers head out to their respective internships across the country, we can sit and reminisce on all the progress, success and achievements we’ve made over the last decade+.

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Studio Managers Visit CRAS 2014

studio managers panel at cras 2014

The Conservatory has a great reputation in the industry, and we have tons of connections to all kinds of major studios. Preserving our relationship between studios and our students is one of the many things that we strive for, and this year we are glad to continue this tradition by having some of our favorite studio managers come back to visit!

studio manager panel event

Studio managers from three of the most successful studios in the music business are coming to CRAS to talk to students about the realities of a career in the audio industry. Paula Salvatore (Capitol Studios, LA); CRAS graduate Crystal Olsen (GrooveMaster Studios, Chicago) and Candace Stewart (East/West Studios, LA) will be part of our Studio Manager Panel presentation today.

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