Grad Spotlight and Nashville’s Studio A

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Nashville’s Studio A, owned and operated by RCA, being sold! Here’s a quick info update from Ben Folds:

Here’s an update on the status of the possible sale of historic RCA Studio A:

My office just received a phone call from a Brentwood TN-based development firm. Bravo Development is the firm that was planning to purchase the land and the building that houses the studio. Mr. Reynolds informed us that his firm will only buy the property if his engineering and architectural team can figure out a way to feasibly re-develop the property while protecting and preserving the studio for future generations to enjoy. He went on to say that if it’s not feasible for him and his team to do so, he would not move forward on the purchase.

All I can say is that this speaks volumes about the character of Mr. Reynolds and demonstrates an appreciation and respect for our city’s great music heritage.

Thank you Mr. Reynolds..

I look forward to learning more about the studio’s ultimate fate, and will pass along any further information I receive.”

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Mic Raffle Winners!

mic raffle cras snowball

Microphones are one of the most important parts of the recording signal chain, and are the very first block in audio recording signal flow! Often times the quality of a studio is judged based upon the contents of their mic locker. There is a decent Sennheiser dynamic mic that is included with the laptop recording package that every student who goes through CRAS gets, but we also provide various other opportunities to increase student’s mic collections. From time to time, we do a small condenser mic build, where students purchase a kit that includes all of the individual parts of a condenser mic, and then sit through a clinic to actually solder and build the mics themselves.

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Pro Tools Track Management

cras pro tools track management

CRAS was the first audio recording school to ever certify in the digital audio workstation known as Pro Tools. There are many DAWs out there, and everyone has their favorite, but Pro Tools has been one of the industry standard apps for a long time now. For this reason, we like to focus on training our future audio engineers in all the ways Pro Tools works, and how you can make Pro Tools work for you!

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The Smell of Fresh AWS Studio

The audio world is ever evolving, and CRAS is no stranger to that idea. Always looking to expand, upgrade and improve, we refuse to be left behind. Among the changes we’ve made expanding to the school, Monday marks a new dawn on the beginning of a new pair of studios.

ssl aws delivery

SSL, or Solid State Logic, have been building amazing consoles for decades now and have developed a great reputation in the music industry. There are hundreds of studios throughout the world that use SSL equipment every single day, and we are happy to say we are one of the few educators in the world that teach comprehensive audio recording and production education using SSL consoles. Our flagship Studio A at each campus use SSL 4000+ series consoles, which demonstrate classic analog circuitry and rich, warm sounds.

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CRAS Grads Make It!

The most important testament to any education is that it can actually be applied. Our focus here at the Conservatory is to train our students to be the best audio engineers they can be. Our grads get internships into the field of the audio industry of their choice, and there are many to choose from! Whether it’s working in a studio, going on tour with bands as their live sound or Front of House engineer, or even expanding into the field of television and radio broadcasting. We were able to get some input from some of our success stories, and here is what a few of them are up to right now!

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