How to be Successful in the Audio Industry – Part 2

How to be Successful in the Audio Industry – Part 2

audio industry success

Being a good intern is today’s subject. Part 2 of how to be successful in the audio industry is submitted by David Torres.

dave torres intern coordinator

David is an intern coordinator here at CRAS.  He was also a former studio owner and has worked with numerous interns prior to becoming a coordinator.  His tips are some that we share with our students while on campus, mixed with some of the knowledge he shared with interns he had at his facility.  Here is his top ten:

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CRAS Launches New Broadcast Audio Curriculum

cras broadcast audio studer vista

Here we are, nearly a year later after we officially announced our venture into the broadcast audio realm! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. Everything has gone by so fast! This has truly been a remarkable journey. Today, we were able to be part of the broadcast crew at Chase Field for the Diamondbacks game!

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The Unmitigated Power of a Strong Work Ethic

guest blog work ethic

CRAS will be featuring a Guest Blogger every few weeks.  These guests will be students, graduates, instructors, and staff members.  Each guest will be writing about a specific topic they are interested in sharing.  

Our first blog is by CRAS Graduate, Derrick Brilliant.  Derrick interned at Roundabout Entertainment and is currently still employed there.  Enjoy!

Derrick Brilliant work ethic

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Graduate Spotlight: Miles Deiaco

rocking out at the console

We’ve been corresponding with our graduate Miles Deiaco and wanted to share his success with you. Here’s a bit of his story!

After completing classes on campus, Miles headed to San Francisco for his internship.  He interned at Different Fur Studios and graduated CRAS in 2008.  He is currently an engineer/producer in the San Fran area.

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How to be Successful in the Audio Industry – Part 1

How to be Successful in the Audio Industry

how to be successful n the audio industry

During the months of September and October, we are going to feature a series of blog posts on “How To Be Successful in the Audio Industry”.

The first list we are sharing is from Cameell Hanna, Studio Manager from Serenity West Recording Studios in Los Angeles. Serenity West is an amazing facility and we appreciate the advice and opportunities that they allow our students.

If you haven’t seen this studio, check out their site here:

serenity west control room studio success

Serenity West control room

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