Our Favorite Pro Tools Quick Keys

pro tools instructor phil n

Pro Tools instructor Phil N.

Pretty much every aspect of life these days is computer controlled (shout out to Frankie Bones!). To be a good audio engineer, you must be a good computer user. One thing that will absolutely make you stand out in a crowded computer lab is your proficiency behind the QWERTY keys. The mouse is perhaps the most commonly used computer peripheral, but the keyboard can absolutely out-perform it in many cases, if you know what you are doing! So to be an elite Pro Tools ninja, you must know your quick keys.

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Preparing to Attend CRAS

Preparing to Attend CRAS

You’ve made the decision to pack it all up and head to Arizona to attend CRAS, the premier audio recording, engineering and production school!  Now I’m sure there are so many questions going on in your head…

How am I going to find a place to live?  Arizona? Isn’t really hot there?  Is it possible to work while attending CRAS?  Where do I start?

These are all really important questions you have asked yourself and hopefully we can help direct you in the right path to tackle them.

With many of our students attending CRAS from out of state, many have to relocate to attend.  Now, we won’t be sending the movers to pack your things up and drive you out, but we have some great resources for you to use.

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CRAS Receives ACCSC School of Excellence Award!

ACCSC accreditation

We were recently notified that CRAS has again received the ACCSC School of Excellence Award, recognizing us for our commitment to the expectations and rigors of ACCSC accreditation, as well as efforts in maintaining high-levels of achievement among their students.

Accreditation is important because it shows that CRAS has been reviewed by an official third-party commission, and they have found our program, certifications and educational practices are not only acceptable, but in this case most excellent!

In total, CRAS has received:
2005 – ACCSC School of Distinction
2008-2009 – ACCSC School of Excellence Award
2014-2015  – ACCSC School of Excellence Award

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CRAS Gear Expo 2015

CRAS studio b gilbert mixing desk

CRAS Studio B Gilbert Mixing Desk

On August 1st, 2015, the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS) hosted Gear Expo at our Gilbert, Arizona location. This event was an opportunity for Phoenix-area industry professionals to have a chance to see the latest and greatest gear being presented by manufacturers, without having to travel long distances for a convention or expo. Local studios and companies, as well as CRAS students and graduates, attended Saturday’s event.

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