The Director’s List

dean's list director award student success

Here at the Conservatory, we love celebrating our student’s successes. We just came up with a new series of awards, The Director’s List, to celebrate students who go above and beyond with their studies and dedication to their CRAS experience.

The Director’s List is a recognition of academic success at the Conservatory. Students who meet and maintain the following criteria will be presented with a certificate of achievement their last day on campus.

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Inspiring Advice from CRAS Graduates

Inspiring Advice from CRAS Graduates at final panel of 2015

This year has really gone by, we can’t believe that we reached our final CRAS Graduates panel!

graduate advice panel

We are really excited to have our guests for this panel, we feel this group will bring a lot of inspiring advice to our current students.  Each guest works in a varying industry in audio and we feel they will have a lot of guidance and suggestions to share with our students.

Our previous panels have brought a lot of great information to our students on succeeding in the audio industry.  Our graduates have brought a lot of real stories and experiences that our students can learn from.

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Behind the Broadcast!

Part of our new curriculum expansion included adding broadcast audio engineering to the collection of disciplines that we teach at the Conservatory. With the assistance of Fred Aldous, who has a long career working in many aspects of audio engineering, including running sound for Olympic events, baseball World Series, football Super Bowls, NCAA National Basketball Championships, the Daytona 500 and more, we have build a fully comprehensive broadcast curriculum.

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