Integrating Music Into Video Games with Wwise

Integrating Music into Video Games with Wwise

game audio music integration brock

Brock talking Wwise

Integrating dynamic music into video games was our latest CRAS AES student body presentation. CRAS instructor Brock spent a couple hours with us going over Audiokinetic’s Wwise Thursday night as one of our free extracurricular classes. Wwise is a middleware software that provides an audio pipeline solution for video games. Wwise is used in roughly 40% of the video game market, along side other softwares such as Fmod and Unity.

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Trade Schools vs. Universities for a Music Education, What’s the Difference?

trade schools for musicMillions of students graduate from a variety of educational institutions every year. Suffice to say, that these students dream of exciting future careers. They wish for a job that allows them individual creativity, as well as a chance to be part of a larger group. While this is a noteworthy goal to work towards, it may not always be rooted in reality.

You may be one of these students either still in high school or currently pursuing a major at a University based school of music. Although the best music schools may offer classes that lend themselves to music production careers, this is not enough to guarantee success. To understand why, it helps to think like an employer and not a potential employee eager to enter the music industry.

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How to Prepare For An Audio Engineering Career

career quotesThe music industry is a large and competitive world. Landing a job as an audio engineer, mixer or mastering engineer, or an “in demand” producer isn’t exactly easy. If you want to be a successful engineer in the music business, you have to make sure you have the right training and background. It takes highly skilled ears to be able to help craft songs that sound professional, balanced and radio-friendly. If you want to pursue a well-rounded education that can help you get on the path to music career success, your best bet is to enroll in a reputable school of music. Attending the best music schools can help prepare you for music production careers that are demanding, exciting and in-depth.

If you’re thinking about the music production programs out there, consider looking into our program at CRAS (Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences).
CRAS is one of the most prominent music production schools in the United States. It has two locations. Its primary location is in Tempe, Arizona. It has a satellite location in Gilbert, as well.

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