Graduating High School? Here’s Why You Should Consider a Technical School like CRAS

best technical schoolsAt this time of year, loads of High School Graduates are asking themselves “what now?” For the select few that excite from turning knobs, and moving faders, and dealing with software that deals with audio, there is a lot to consider. For example, TRADE AND TECHNICAL SCHOOLS like The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS)!

From coffee shops, to houses of worship, to bouncing from major live sound venue to venue there’s SOUND TO BE HEARD!

Truth be told, we typically show up, enjoy the performance, and move on our merry little way afterwards. However, very few people take into account what actually goes into getting a live performance to be felt by the audience. It’s far more complicated than most could imagine, but the team of experts that gets SOUND to our ears is an incredible bunch, following their passions of making performances memorable for the masses.

Imagine a small coffee shop doing Open Mic Nights. In today’s day and age, even in the smallest venue, people want to enjoy any performance that they witness, and SOUND has everything to do it! Each performer looking to play their set will wait their turn, take the stage, plug in, and start playing. Soon, YOU hear MUSIC! It’s not by way of magic, however. Somebody had to get the coffee shop’s P.A System (public address system) “dialed in,” so that it sounds the best it possibly can in that space. More so, somebody has to be there to contend with performers that might be less than technically proficient with the coffee shop’s system. For lack of better words, let’s refer to this person as the Audio Engineer. The Audio Engineer is the responsible person that gets that singer/songwriter the opportunity of being HEARD!

Everywhere there is SOUND to be distributed to the masses, there is an Audio Engineer, if not a TEAM of Audio Engineers. For example, in houses of worship, many people congregate and take in the music as part of the experience. Although many houses of worship are akin to the coffee shop (as far as P.A Systems go), many have stepped up their Live Sound game and have installed very large systems to accommodate scores of congregants. Somebody has to deal with all of that SOUND, right? Why not YOU?!

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CRAS Students Shine During NBA Suns Game

music production collegeConservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences Students Recently Had the Opportunity to Practice Mixing Live Audio & Video Feeds from FOX SPORTS ARIZONA in the School’s 42-ft. Remote-Production Mobile Broadcast Trailer During a Phoenix Suns Home Game

From pit row at NASCAR races to the diamond at Major League Baseball games to the court at NBA games, Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS; students continue to have top-shelf opportunities to learn from the very best audio engineers and producers in the industry while on-site in real time.

Most recently, 12 CRAS students had the chance to practice mixing live audio and video feeds from FOX SPORTS ARIZONA in the school’s 42-ft. remote-production mobile broadcast trailer during a recent Phoenix Suns NBA home game versus the Los Angeles Clippers at Talking Stick Resort Arena.

“Training during a live professional sporting event such as NBA game is the chance of a lifetime for the next crop of professional audio engineers,” said Robert Brock, CRAS Director of Education. “The complexity, speed, and accuracy required for such a live broadcast was an eye opener for them. Dan Siekmann, Phoenix Suns V.P. of Broadcasting, was our initial point of contact and also toured our mobile broadcast unit. We are very grateful for his help in allowing our students this tremendous opportunity.”

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