How Trade Schools Give Millennials an Advantage in Today’s Market

trade schoolAccording to, today’s college students pay over $30,000 for just one year of study. For young adults who do not qualify for scholarships or grants, this means that four years of college could leave them with over $120,000 in debt, before they launch their career. And, while a bachelor’s degree has long since been considered the Gold Standard for employability, the world of employment has changed, with more and more employers seeking candidates that are ready to “work NOW,” with a “NOW knowledge base.”  As many college-traditionalists wait patiently for their degree, and are constantly amassing debt, Trade School graduates quickly find themselves working in their chosen fields, and NOT carrying excessive financial burdens, due to education.

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Facts About Becoming an Audio Engineer: Learning Audio Engineering with CRAS

audio engineeringAudio Engineering skills can put you on you on the path to an exciting and rewarding career that reaches nearly every aspect of daily life.

Everything from music production to the creation of commercial advertisements relies on crisp and clear audio. If you have ever sought a life that bases itself in sound, then you’re going to have to “learn” your way in that world! So, what’s the best way of “learning” your way in? For certain, the BEST way into the Professional Audio Industry is by getting the BEST education possible!

A quality education is paramount to understanding sound production. The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS) provides a real-world curriculum, with top-tier Instructors, and world-class facilities, which gives CRAS students the knowledge, credentials, pedigree, and, most importantly, THE EDGE, when it comes to being accepted in The Pro Audio world. YOUR DREAM in this Industry can be YOUR REALITY, but your best route there is the CRAS WAY!

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Music Production 101: What do Music Producers Do?

music productionMusic production is one of the most exiting industries in the modern world.

 The force behind the music we all know and love, music production is a diverse process with many interesting facets. From recording to marketing and beyond, this is the lifeblood that makes the music industry come alive.

 If you’ve ever wondered what a music producer does, or how going to school for audio engineering can get you started on this exciting career path, here’s your complete guide.

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Why Music Production Schools are the Best Trade School to Consider

music production trade schoolsIf you love music and are looking for a way to turn your passion into a career, you are probably wondering what path you should take so that you can reach your desired outcome. The days of “lucking” into the Music Industry are over. Anymore, you have to “learn” your way in!

If your “future” is going to come from the Music Industry, you have a few decisions to make. Sure, the traditional route of “getting signed” still exists, but that’s mostly from the Artist’s approach to success. With the world’s canvas bursting at the seams with “new” artists, it’s evermore difficult to get into “the scene.” More and more, people are starting to recognize the need for great minds, with great ability on “the other side of the glass.” That’s right… a career born from applying a scientific craft to sound!

The opportunities for a passionate life of Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producing, Posting, and Broadcasting sound are vast!

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5 Benefits of Going to a Music Production School

music production schoolWhile it’s true there are music professionals who have become successful in their fields without proper training from accredited schools and instructors, the Professional Audio Industry has changed, and if YOU want to get into it, YOU have to LEARN into it. Music Production schools, like The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS), are a great step if you are thinking about pursuing a career in the music field. By attending one of these types of educational institutions, you will be exposed to different types of recording software, legacy hardware, audio engineering techniques, recording production and many other facets of music production. If YOU are the kind of person that needs to CONTRIBUTE to the Professional Audio Industry, then consider the following, when seeking an education:

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Why Going to a Music Production School is TOTALLY Worth it

music production schoolsMusic Production Schools: Why it’s a Great Investment in your Music Industry Future

You’ve dreamed of being involved in the Music Industry for as long as you can remember. You know that becoming the “next big thing” is more a matter of luck and talent combining in a “million to one” shot. You didn’t despair, however, when you realized there are other careers you can pursue in the technical side of the Music Industry such as being a music producer or a sound engineer. The question is: how do you pursue your goal of working in the music industry?

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audio engineering programs

How to Find Your Passion in Pro Audio/ Video Gaming, after High School

Now that you’ve graduated from High School, are you wondering what new educational adventure will lead you into a career in Pro Audio or Video Gaming? Did you start pondering this well before you entered your last year of High School? Have you realized that the traditional 4-year college is just not for you? If so, there’s good news! Many students, like you, leaving their High School years are caught at a crossroads of having to choose the traditional educational route, and the route that feeds their passions in Pro Audio.

Many students feel the same way you do and would rather first hone in on a specific skill or passion or get a job and start a career in an industry they love sooner than later. By this point, you have also realized, besides spending all this money, getting student loans, and committing to 4 years or more at college, you still think you want to learn more in specific industry before jumping completely into a job or career at entry level, with no skills at all.

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audio engineering trade schools

The VALUE of going to a Trade and Technical School

Why Audio Engineering Trade School?
If you’re passionate about a career in music and audio, in general, then going to an audio engineering school can be an incredible springboard to get you started. Not only will you learn the invaluable tricks of the trade (and learn that “tricks” are TECHNIQUES), but you’ll also receive a hands-on experience that is incomparable to other “training” in this highly competitive field.
When you’re looking at trade schools for audio engineering, then you’ll definitely want to evaluate the quality of the instructors, amongst other virtues. When you see how experienced and knowledgeable our instructors are, you’ll definitely be impressed by the scope of their abilities, and successes in the Pro Audio Industry.

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audio engineering schools near me

Starting your search for Audio Engineering Schools near you? Don’t Limit Yourself!

A career in audio engineering can offer solid pay and exciting work, but landing a job in the industry isn’t as easy as walking into a recording studio. To find a way “in,” you know that you need to go to school first, so start investigating your options. As you do so, though, it’s important that you’re not limiting yourself. Simply searching for “audio engineering schools near me” or “music production schools near me” may not be yielding the best results. Here’s why:

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student at CRAS

What Should I Go to School for?

Sound surrounds you when you go to a concert, hear a broadcast, watch a movie or TV, listen to music or play a video game. You can find sound and music in airports, shopping malls, offices, elevators, churches, sports events and automobiles. In almost every aspect of your everyday life, sound is around you! All of it has one thing in common: someone has to make it happen. After you receive a high school diploma, our trade school, The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS), can teach you how to record, mix and produce the sounds that everyone loves to hear.

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