Andrew Schubert: Contributing to Music

cras grad andrew schubert

Gilbert, Ariz., Jan. 26, 2017

By CRL Public Relations

Sometimes the signs align in a fashion that point the way for a person to follow. Andrew Schubert recognized those signs, which led him to The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS;, the premier institution for audio engineering education, and a new life as a mixer and independent producer.

Although he wasn’t a musician, Schubert had always been interested in music. He was an avid record collector with tastes in all genres and always looking for his next favorite song. He was managing a small picture frame shop in Arizona when a friend of his, CRAS graduate Donald Van Slyke, suggested he look into a CRAS education.

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5 Things That Rocked Sweetwater’s Gearfest This Year

This is the 4th visit to Fort Wayne, Indiana to attend Sweetwater’s Gearfest by our Internship Director Greg Stefus.  So we figured we share with you the 5 things that rocked Sweetwater’s Gearfest this year.

Gearfest has become a much-anticipated event for many engineers, musicians and audio enthusiasts alike.  The annual event is a great way for CRAS to continue our relationship with Sweetwater, which we have several graduates working for, a great way to further our relationships with many of the manufacturers in attendance of the event, and also for CRAS to maintain a presence in the midwest for those potential future audio engineers.

CRAS Display at Sweetwater Gearfest

CRAS Display at Sweetwater Gearfest 2016

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How to be Successful in the Audio Industry – Part 6

How to be Successful in the Audio Industry – Part 6

how to be successful internship experience 6

Our final “How To Be Successful In The Audio Industry” Top Ten List is from Greg and Rachel of our very own Internship Department, with their suggestions on how to make the best of your internship experience.  Resumes, relocation, interviews, interning, finding jobs and keeping in touch with grads are just a few things that our intern coordinators deal with on the daily. So if anyone is going to have great tips on how to be a successful intern, these are those people!

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The Unmitigated Power of a Strong Work Ethic

guest blog work ethic

CRAS will be featuring a Guest Blogger every few weeks.  These guests will be students, graduates, instructors, and staff members.  Each guest will be writing about a specific topic they are interested in sharing.  

Our first blog is by CRAS Graduate, Derrick Brilliant.  Derrick interned at Roundabout Entertainment and is currently still employed there.  Enjoy!

Derrick Brilliant work ethic

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Grad Spotlight and Nashville’s Studio A

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Nashville’s Studio A, owned and operated by RCA, being sold! Here’s a quick info update from Ben Folds:

Here’s an update on the status of the possible sale of historic RCA Studio A:

My office just received a phone call from a Brentwood TN-based development firm. Bravo Development is the firm that was planning to purchase the land and the building that houses the studio. Mr. Reynolds informed us that his firm will only buy the property if his engineering and architectural team can figure out a way to feasibly re-develop the property while protecting and preserving the studio for future generations to enjoy. He went on to say that if it’s not feasible for him and his team to do so, he would not move forward on the purchase.

All I can say is that this speaks volumes about the character of Mr. Reynolds and demonstrates an appreciation and respect for our city’s great music heritage.

Thank you Mr. Reynolds..

I look forward to learning more about the studio’s ultimate fate, and will pass along any further information I receive.”

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Grad Spotlight: Gavin Crane

gavin crane

Starting his CRAS journey in July of 2011, Gavin Crane worked hard through our program, earning great grades and not missing a single day of class. That is what it takes to make it in our industry, and make it he certainly has! While our program can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding to those willing to put in the effort. We recently were able to get in touch with Gavin and ask him about his recent success being tour manager for Josh Gracin, who has made a big name for himself after appearing on the hit television show American Idol. Josh has also released three albums and has had numerous songs do great on the Billboard charts.

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Grad Spotlight: Carlos Sanches

carlos sanches emmy

Graduating in 2003 with a 4.0 GPA and perfect attendance, Carlos Sanches has really taken his career to a new level, and has also won an Emmy! Currently he is working as a re-recording mixer in the post production industry, and took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us!

Did your internship go as expect?

My internship at Signet Sound was a bit disappointing, but not unexpected. I did however learn to make a very nice fruit basket and bread tray! I found that in order to actually get somewhere in my career, I had to take the initiative myself and find a better job. I finished my internship hours at a small local music studio, Sanctuary Studios where I was able to actually do the work i was trained to do at the Conservatory. A big studio internship sure sounds great and is appealing, but rarely leads to jobs at that studio. Interns are simply too inexperienced to get on right away. Working in a smaller studio, where you can gain real world experience is much more valuable when you are seeking that BIG studio job.

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Grad Spotlight: Follow Up with Eric Nichols

Eric Nichols Broadcast WGN-TV

In a previous post, we mentioned CRAS Grad Eric Nichols. Eric started his audio career training at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in October of 2010. Since then he has been constantly working in various fields, and has recently landed a pretty sweet gig! While he spent a lot of his time doing radio and live sound, he recently got accepted as Associate Producer with Learfield Sports in Missouri. We recently caught up with him, and here is his report from his first week on the job!

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CRAS Grad Panel Part 3

Following up on our Grad Panel post from yesterday, here is the continuation:

cras grad panel post

From left to right –

Jeremy Hinskton – A2 Engineer at Music Mix Mobile

Callie Thurman – Sound Dialogue Editor at Wildfire Post

Andrew Wuepper – Mix Engineer, Freelance

Maggie O’Brien – Production and Operations Manager at Blue Microphones

Eric Rennaker – Studio Manager at Bedrock LA

Crowd Question: What’s your internship nightmare story and what did you do to resolve or fix that situation?

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