CRAS Broadcast Crew Goes to Barrett-Jackson

barrett-jackson cras broadcast

The Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction is broadcast live this week on Discovery Communication’s Velocity channel. Barrett-Jackson is a Scottsdale, Arizona company that specializes in vintage, collector, and classic cars. This show is the where the best of the best, most unique cars in the world, come to find new owners. The most expensive car auctioned at Barrett-Jackson is an original 1962 Shelby Cobra, which sold for a cool $13.75 million dollars.
broadcast at barrett-jackson

Dave Powers tours the CRAS Broadcast Crew

On site at Barrett-Jackson

The CRAS broadcast crew, including student volunteers, were invited by Bryan Korot, who is one of the audio engineers we’ve met at NASCAR. Bryan mixes this show, as well as the Supercross event we’re also invited to next week.

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Why You Shouldn’t Consider Audio Engineering Schools Online?

We get it, everything is going “Jetsons” and digital, versus “Flintstones” with old school meeting in person. From dating to education, there are a lot industries using digital technology to do everything online.

However, when learning Audio Engineering there is still so much value in learning in person vs. audio engineering schools online and here’s why…

Top 9 Reasons You Should Go to an Audio Engineering Schools vs. Online

  1. In person instruction from instructors with years of experience
  2. Hands on experienced learning being able to touch and feel the equipment.
  3. Ears on experience being able to hear the difference the room acoustics flavor the recording.
  4. Collaboration with students at all learning levels
  5. Access to the top audio equipment that allows you to gain an appreciation for a real world career opportunity.
  6. In person Networking with the people in the industry with access to guest lecturers that you will meet.
  7. It only takes 11 months with our audio engineering school program vs. 4-year college
  8. Laptop Recording Package included in our tuition!
  9. Resume builder, companies respect education that is focused from a hands on school

audio engineering schools students

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PRG at CRAS 2014

prg at cras day 7

CRAS grads Adam Parrish and Jesika Graf brought some great gear out last week to the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. The Production Resource Group is the largest live sound re-enforcement provider in the world. PRG’s Operations Manager, Adam Parrish and his assistant Jesika Graf partnered together with our AES student chapter to create an unforgettable experience for the Conservatory students.

prg at cras event live sound

They rolled in with over one million dollars worth of audio, video and lighting equipment. They were there to oversee volunteers from our current student body load in all this gear, set it up, and run a live show which included the band Sol Ride, radio personality Kevin Gassman, and various student talent performances.

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All Hands On Education!

All Hands On Education!

CRAS hands on

Student prepares for his Live Sound Proficiency

Assessing knowledge and proficiency in education is the best way to train someone in any field. This hands on approach to education is one of our cornerstones at CRAS. Students become proficient in the operation of software and hardware throughout the program. For starters, students are eligible for 12 certifications from Apple, Digidesign, TC Electronic and the school’s own programs for Auto Tune, Reason and more. There are also hands-on tests in Live Sound, and in the operation of consoles from Neotek, SSL, Neve and Focusrite’s Control 24. When your hands are on the gear and you’re the only one in the room besides the instructor, the heat is on and you must prove that you know your stuff. This kind of attention to detail and testing makes Conservatory students eminently employable throughout the industry. What’s the bottom line? A Conservatory education plus dedication equals a career path in audio.

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