It’s just the beginning for CRAS Graduate Jeremy Parker

October 7, 2014

CRAS Graduate Jeremy Parker has just recently started audio engineering in his own studio, Parker Place Studios in Tempe, AZ.  He wanted to make a place where he can take his time and allow artists to be cultivated organically.

I got a chance to visit Jeremy and tour his new studio this past September. Jeremy graduated the audio engineering program at CRAS in 1999, and has been in Arizona engineering for a few years. He recently started audio engineering at his own place, called Parker Place Studios in Tempe.

Jeremy embarked on his internship in Los Angeles where he interned at Grandmaster Studios, which still takes interns from CRAS today! After his internship, he got hired at NRG Studios as a runner and moved into an assistant audio engineering position in no time. While at NRG, he got a great lucky break and starting engineering for Dave Fortman, a mix engineer/producer. Along with Dave, Jeremy got a few records under his belt and ended up working on “Fallen” by Evanescence.

This record is the band’s most successful album to date. It debuted at #7 on Billboard and was certified platinum 7 times over by the RIAA.

After that Jeremy was able to work on a handful of big albums. Artists and bands like: 12 Stones, Melissa Etheridge, Mudvayne, Seether, Slipnot, Disturbed, Trivium, Device, Cold, Hellyeah, Nonpoint, Art of Dying and even worked on a couple more Evanescence albums.  He also received a couple Grammy nominations!

After a few years, he left LA and headed back to the Phoenix metro area. There he was raised and still has family. He began to freelance and has since traveled all over to work on a variety of albums. He continued freelance engineering for quite a few years, and then had a desire to have his very own place to work with artists.

He found a place that he felt was a very comfortable environment, and very conducive for making music. A place were he could help an artist become expressive and not sound like other artists, while continuing to master his audio engineering chops.

He calls his studio Parker Place Studios. It’s a very simple and unpretentious set up, where he can focus on developing artists and bands.

The studio was previously known as Lucky Studios and has also been rehearsal space for a number of local bands. It’s in Tempe and is right down the way from another graduate’s studio, Josh and his band The Black Moods.

This is just the beginning according to Jeremy. He engineers for the love of the music, not the glitz or big budgets. Even though is is focusing on development and local artists, he still engineers for some famous bands. This past year he worked on the last Godsmack album.

While we were at his studio, one of our current students had arrived to assist Jeremy for a session. It was great to see a graduate giving a student some hands-on internship experience!

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