Mic Raffle Winners!

June 20, 2014

Microphones are one of the most important parts of the recording signal chain, and are the very first block in audio recording signal flow! Often times the quality of a studio is judged based upon the contents of their mic locker. There is a decent Sennheiser dynamic mic that is included with the laptop recording package that every student who goes through CRAS gets, but we also provide various other opportunities to increase student’s mic collections. From time to time, we do a small condenser mic build, where students purchase a kit that includes all of the individual parts of a condenser mic, and then sit through a clinic to actually solder and build the mics themselves.

We are currently also running the Audio Technica Mic Challenge, in which participating students book and run a recording session where they use only Audio Technica mics. The idea is to demonstrate the versatility of the variety of Audio Technica microphones that the Conservatory has. Last year we had a student, DeCarlos Waller win this contest, and earned himself a brand new Audio Technica AT 4040 large diaphragm condenser microphone! You can read up about that one one of our previous blog articles here.

We also have a great relationship with Blue Microphones. We’ve had a number of CRAS grads go to work in various areas with Blue Mic, including the production and design teams. Recently our AES team put together a raffle to give away a Bluebird mic to the grand prize winner, with a Blue Snowball USB mic as the runner-up prize.

The CRAS AES Bluebird raffle concluded last Thursday at the end of an amazing Synthesizer clinic, hosted by CRAS instructor Scott Murray. Orlando Green-Bush, an 11th cycle CRAS student, won the Bluebird and it was well deserved. Orlando is an older student and is a great role model to the younger generation students. He’s proved his worth and maturity level every time we’ve conversed with him. In addition, he only purchased one ticket for the win! So awesome!

Mario Perez won the Snowball USB microphone. He was ecstatic over the deal because this is the mic that drew him in to the raffle in the first place. He told me he has multiple uses for it and was very appreciative upon delivery. All smiles and congrats from his class.

The Blue Snowball is a very unique mic – it was one of the first professional quality USB microphones. By providing USB connectivity, users can plug the mic directly into their computer, or even an iPad, and record without having to use any other wiring or conversion devices. Pretty sweet!

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