CRAS Launches New Broadcast Audio Curriculum

cras broadcast studio e

The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences adds the Broadcast Audio curriculum, continuing the tradition of creating opportunities for its graduates.

Building on the successes our graduates are enjoying in the various areas of the Recording Arts, the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences – CRAS, is beginning a brand new partnership with the Broadcast Audio Community.

cras broadcast audio studio e consoles

The Studer Vista Console in the new Broadcast Audio Studio

Similar to the Audio/Music Recording and Game Audio industries, the Broadcast Audio Community is looking for an institution to work closely with them to provide their much-needed interns and ultimately — trained and certified personnel. With CRAS graduates being known and recognized for their knowledge and readiness, this large and exciting group has turned to The Conservatory to help fill that void. We feel it will be definitely a “Win – Win” for everybody involved, especially our students.

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