Why You Shouldn’t Consider Audio Engineering Schools Online?

We get it, everything is going “Jetsons” and digital, versus “Flintstones” with old school meeting in person. From dating to education, there are a lot industries using digital technology to do everything online.

However, when learning Audio Engineering there is still so much value in learning in person vs. audio engineering schools online and here’s why…

Top 9 Reasons You Should Go to an Audio Engineering Schools vs. Online

  1. In person instruction from instructors with years of experience
  2. Hands on experienced learning being able to touch and feel the equipment.
  3. Ears on experience being able to hear the difference the room acoustics flavor the recording.
  4. Collaboration with students at all learning levels
  5. Access to the top audio equipment that allows you to gain an appreciation for a real world career opportunity.
  6. In person Networking with the people in the industry with access to guest lecturers that you will meet.
  7. It only takes 11 months with our audio engineering school program vs. 4-year college
  8. Laptop Recording Package included in our tuition!
  9. Resume builder, companies respect education that is focused from a hands on school

audio engineering schools students

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Fred Aldous and CRAS Administrator Kirt Hamm pose in front of the mobile broadcast unit

Fred Aldous at the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame

“There was a void in the industry for that next generation of broadcast engineers, and something needed to be done,” explained Fred Aldous, FOX Sports senior mixer and consultant, who is being inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in December. “I reached out to the Conservatory three years ago and together we developed a curriculum that properly instructs, trains, and prepares students so that the industry will have an ongoing stream of new interns and entry-level professionals to fit their needs immediately.”

CRAS hamm aldous MBU mobile broadcast

Fred Aldous with CRAS Administrator Kirt Hamm

Over the four decade-long span of his career Fred Aldous has won numerous awards for his work, including 23 Emmy awards. Fred has been in charge of the audio from all sorts of sporting events, from the NASCAR Daytona 500 to the NFL Superbowl.

For the last couple years, Fred has worked together with us at the Conservatory to develop our new broadcast curriculum. Recently, Fred was inducted into the Sports Broadcast Hall of Fame. During his acceptance speech, he mentioned his gratitude for the opportunities that he has been afforded throughout his career.

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Hip Hop Music Production Schools to Get You in the Game

If you love hip hop music and the culture of Hip Hop and want to figure out how to get in the Hip hop music game without being an artist behind the mic our music program can help.

Hip Hop music has grown into a very popular genre in the music industry. And because of that and social media there are companies always looking to hire audio engineers, sound engineers and people that know music production. Continue Reading…