Our Blue Microphone Survey

It’s Blue Week at CRAS!

Having Blue Microphones on campus yesterday was another amazing time with a manufacturer!  Ben and Tyler, from Blue Microphones, brought some great mics to be used in yesterday’s session in Studio A with Mike Jones.

Blue Microphone session 4

In preparation for the visit, we did a Blue Microphone Survey, surveying our student population, graduates, and faculty, asking questions in regards to Blue Microphones.   We received many great responses!  See our fun 3-D styled infographic on the responses below, and also check out a few questions that we didn’t include on the infographic but we decided to share them after the graphic!

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Tips on How to Have a Great Music Production Career

music production careerThe world of commercial music and Professional Audio Engineering is a fast-paced and fascinating one. The Professional Audio industry, at large, offers great rewards and much success, however, it also demands the right knowledge inside the studio, particularly on the “make it happen” side of the glass.

Many burgeoning audio engineers and music producers try to look for production and sound engineering gigs before attending any sound engineering schools, music production schools or audio production schools. While some may “luck” into their chosen role, this is not the best way to approach a career in music production or audio engineering. With the fast paced changes, and technological demands of this industry, those who have “lucked” into their role soon find themselves overwhelmed, and under-prepared. While the Audio Engineering world is enticing to those cut from this cloth, the competition is fierce.

The best way to cut through the competition is with education, but not just any education will do. Learning the latest in hardware and software “tools,” and knowing how to use them, is one thing, but it is critical to understand WHY you are implementing that tool, WHERE that tool can be found, WHEN it should be implemented, and WHAT wanted audio end result you’ll gain from its use. If you are looking for the best music schools with music production programs or for the best audio engineering schools, you need look no further than CRAS (The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences).

While some interested in a music production career may stagger along learning from videos or books, the people most interested in serious music production careers or audio engineering careers understand that a profound education is needed to be taken seriously. The need to be able to produce professional results from their first few minutes on the job is only attainable with a hands-on education, with access to industry-level tools, in an industry-level setting. There once was a time that a person could start at a studio, seeking “on the job training,” but those days are gone.

Today, Professional Audio production facilities solely seek out “hire” candidates that they believe have the best training in the field. On the job training in a professional studio simply isn’t financially feasible for the studio owner.

Music production careers are plentiful, but not easy to come by. The best way to assure secure upper-tier positions in the music production industry is through professional training in an audio recording school.

While a school of music in a traditional college situation may sound impressive, that is only part of the story. Along with it comes four long years of study, and course that, at times, do not pertain to the Professional Audio industry. Audio recording schools and music production schools, with their specialized type of trade school programs, fill a much needed gap in education for those with limited time, financial resources and the desire to become a potent force in the working-world. For example, the CRAS MRP II Program is completed in only forty-eight weeks, with thirty-six of them spent in a classroom situation and the rest spent in an internship designed to ease the soon-to-be-graduate into success.

The average student in a college generally incurs debt of $30,000 before ever earning his or her first dollar. Graduates of trade schools have the potential of earning a living in this field immediately after training. That means the trade school graduate has the benefit of beginning work and generating income, literally, years before the college grad. For those looking for a solid career in commercial music, or Audio Production as a whole, audio recording school can be the answer.

If there are financial considerations for the student, audio recording school financial aid programs can ease the way into a lucrative career. CRAS offers grants, scholarships and loans to many students. Of course, the greatest financial consideration is the future in music production jobs offered to those well-prepared in these often highly-paid fields.

CRAS is located in Tempe, AZ with a satellite campus in Gilbert, and is ready to connect you to your DREAMS in Professional Audio and Music Production.

Foley Artists – Beware the Sound of Fear

“It’s not a horror movie. It is a Santini movie.”

foley recording studio

Released in Europe last year at the Edinburgh Film Festival, Berberian Sound Studio is a thriller movie focusing on the work of a sound engineer. Specifically, this unique film focuses on the job of a foley artist in the 1970s, trying to make authentic and stand-out sound effects for a horror production that he has been hired to work on.

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What’s the best path for a successful Audio Engineering Career?

audio engineerEnrolling in an audio engineering school should be the first step for any person who is thinking about audio engineering careers. Audio Engineering jobs are highly sought after these days. Truth be told, these jobs are not exactly easy to come across. That’s why people who want to work in Professional Audio engineering should take their educations seriously.

The competition can be tough for people who want to land rare sound engineering positions. In the Professional Audio industry, the more you know, the better. That’s why it’s vital to look into your choices in music production schools. A good trade school, like CRAS, that specializes in music production can immerse you in a pedigreed knowledge and put you ahead of the competition curve.

Trade schools that focus on sound engineering are ideal for people who want to gain the expert knowledge necessary to do well in the music production universe. The aptitude of Audio engineering is something that may come naturally to some people, however, these people still need an immense education in the vast subject. The same is true for those that may not have that natural inclination, but have the desire, to become a professional in Audio and Music Production. Music production schools are crucial for all people who want to work in the field.

There are many sound engineering schools all around the United States.  Worldwide, there are many more of these educational facilities. Choices in trade school programs are abundant. If you want to attend a reputable audio recording school, you have to do plenty of research beforehand. One school of music, for example, may not necessarily be as reputable and extensive as another one. A different school may solely focus on musical theory, where another boasts a curriculum based in the Audio Production arts. Never make assumptions about the best music schools. If you do research on all of the finest audio recording schools in existence, you should be able to find one that successfully fulfills your educational needs.

When doing your research, know what you are seeking, and ask every question you can fathom. Are you looking to learn musical theory? Do you want to learn the science behind Audio Production? Will the educational facility get your “foot in the door,” after your schooling? Is the school nationally accredited? How does the industry view that educational facility? Who will you learn from? The questions go on and on, but should be asked in order to choose the right school for you.

Audio recording schools cover many subjects that can help people who want to prepare for all types of music recording jobs. Countless producers, mixers, audio engineers and mastering engineers have developed their crafts at audio schools, and have built on their knowledge, working in the field. People who want to work in the audio industry generally have to take many important courses. Examples of classes that are frequently part of audio engineering programs include audio business, troubleshooting and maintenance, song production, live sound, multimedia solutions and Pro Tools.

Pro Tools is a famed digital audio platform for people who work in music production. If you want to be able to make professional music inside or outside of a professional studio, Pro Tools knowledge is extremely important. The talented instructors who work for audio production schools can give you comprehensive Pro Tools proficiency that can greatly familiarize you with the acclaimed workstation, and other DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) of the sort.

Going to audio engineering school isn’t necessarily something that has to cost a fortune. If you want to sign up for our audio recording school but have financial concerns, there are definitely some great options available to you.

Contact CRAS for more details that involve audio engineering school financial aid. Financial aid is often available to certain candidates who want to enroll in music school. If you fit the criteria for financial aid, going to audio school may become a significantly more affordable process for you.

Getting ready for a sound engineering career requires dedication, patience and excellent learning skills. Don’t delay and apply today. We look forward to helping you TOUCH your DREAMS, and REACH YOUR GOALS in Professional Audio Engineering.

Center Stage - Graduate Spotlight Blog Title

Center Stage – Graduate Spotlight – Daniel Gautreaux

Daniel Gautreaux

Center Stage – Graduate Spotlight is our blog series “spotlighting” on CRAS Graduates who have shared their success stories with CRAS.  These stories will show you how unique and different every student’s experience is during their internships and the beginnings of their careers in audio.  This spotlight post is on Daniel Gautreaux.  Enjoy!

Daniel started at CRAS in the beginning of 2013. Here is what he’s been up to since…

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2016 cras graduate panel

CRAS Graduate Panel 2016

CRAS Graduate Panel – April 2016

Every now and then, we like to bring back a few of our successful students to share their experiences with our new students. The CRAS Graduate Panel is a great place for current students to learn about the journeys and pathways previous students have taken to get to their dreams in the world of audio recording.

2016 cras graduate panel

Most recently, we had 3 incredible grads stop by and tell us about their lives.

Nik Karpen – After graduating in 2004, he worked as a full time staff engineer under Chris Lord Alge. Nik has earned credits on albums by Green Day, Muse, Joe Cocker, Stevie Nicks, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Rise Against, and more.

Kris Pierce – He currently works for Theatre for a New Audience at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center in Brooklyn, New York. Kris was worked on Julie Taymor’s “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”, and Steve Martin’s “Bright Star”.

Ike Schultz –  Ike graduated from the Conservatory in 2012, and went on to work on projects like Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo”, Rihanna’s “Anti”, Calvin Harris’ “Motion”, Adele’s “25”, Megan Trainor’s “Thank You” and many more.

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How to Choose the Best Music Production School?

best music production schoolsMusic production is a burgeoning field these days. People of all ages are taking an interest in the professional audio engineering world. Many people, just like YOU, are looking into music production programs that can help prepare them for music production careers later on.

Music production careers, simply put, are a big business lately. People everywhere are looking to enroll in the best music schools located around the United States and planet. A good school of music can do a lot for a person who is interested in the sound engineering realm, but a GREAT school can do more for YOU. Trade school programs can give people the preparation necessary to thrive in music production careers. They can provide them with well-rounded educations that can give them the skills and knowledge they need to thrive and compete with the finest of the finest. If you want to become someone who can compete with  the greatest music producers, mixers and engineers in the world, you have to begin by getting the right educational background.

Although audio recording schools are plentiful, you should never choose an audio recording school at random. Many audio production schools spatter the globe but, they’re not all the “greatest.” If YOU are serious about pursuing a sound engineering career, you should look into your options in sound engineering schools that are truly respected and reputable. Music production schools are nothing to dismiss. The quality of each school’s education is not identical to another’s. The difference between a good audio engineering school and a premier audio production school is massive.

If YOU are passionate about the idea of enjoying a successful audio engineering career, you should find the best trade school around. Look for highly regarded trade schools that are well established, and have an industry-respected pedigree. Read about the music production programs they offer students. Read in detail about what their curriculum encompasses. If you want to have a great career in the music production field, you should make sure you have access to all the right types of courses. Great audio recording schools may have comprehensive courses that cover important subjects such as audio/ music business, music production (both analog and digital), live sound, post production, game audio, broadcast, Pro Tools (a type of popular music recording software) and AutoTune.

People who receive excellent educations in the audio production world can enjoy many wonderful career options. If you want to get a job as a broadcast engineer, audio visual technician, recording engineer, live sound engineer, Pro Tools engineer or sound effects engineer, for example, a proper education from a music trade school is 100 percent essential. People who are aspiring console operators, game audio designers and environmental sound designers all flock to the finest music production schools that are available.

The best music production schools can prepare you for rewarding and satisfying work in the often competitive and demanding sound engineering world. If you’d love to be able to record and produce music that sounds professional and modern, or have the ability of utilizing amazing gear to be creative,  it’s time to look into all of the greatest audio recording school choices that are available to YOU. CRAS is dedicated to providing the world’s best and up to date Music Production education a student can get in 2016 and beyond.

If you’re looking for an affordable educational institution, contact CRAS to find a route to your dreams in professional audio production.

Talk to one of our admissions representatives today to learn WHY, more students choose to “BE CRAS” and enroll in our school vs. other options out there.