Video Games: Wwise 201 Certification for Interactive Music

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By Robert Brock

Over 10 years ago, Audiokinetic broke down the barriers between the stark technical side of audio integration into video games and the creative process where most with a passion for audio hope to spend their time. It was at that same time that the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS), an audio production school in the Arizona desert, sought a way to educate its students on the growing importance and opportunities in game audio. It was a perfect match. CRAS immediately began using Audiokinetic’s Wwise as the primary tool to give its students hallmark hands-on learning for all aspects of audio production which it teaches. After years of refining its educational approach using Wwise, CRAS was selected by Audiokinetic to scale the course concepts beyond the walls of CRAS, and to create the highly successful Wwise-101, a complimentary educational resource serving thousands. This learning material is now not only used to learn Wwise, but also allows many to take their first steps into the world of video game audio integration at large.

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