5 Things That Rocked Sweetwater’s Gearfest This Year

CRAS Display at Sweetwater Gearfest 2016

This is the 4th visit to Fort Wayne, Indiana to attend Sweetwater’s Gearfest by our Internship Director Greg Stefus.  So we figured we share with you the 5 things that rocked Sweetwater’s Gearfest this year.

Gearfest has become a much-anticipated event for many engineers, musicians and audio enthusiasts alike.  The annual event is a great way for CRAS to continue our relationship with Sweetwater, which we have several graduates working for, a great way to further our relationships with many of the manufacturers in attendance of the event, and also for CRAS to maintain a presence in the midwest for those potential future audio engineers.

This year’s gearfest have over 475 manufacturers and the largest attendance of over 12,000 people for Sweetwater’s event.  Many of the manufacturers have visited our campus, have employed our students/graduates and share the passion of our students learning audio on their gear!

CRAS has had a long-standing relationship with Sweetwater.  Not only have they employed our graduates, they have given many great opportunities to our students with internships at the Sweetwater Recording Studios.  We have had over 10 students be able to complete their internships at the Sweetwater Recording Studio and begin their path in audio!

Okay, enough about Sweetwater and how great Gearfest is…let’s get to Greg’s list:

5 Things That Rocked Sweetwater’s Gearfest This Year

#5 – Seeing the fully restored Hammond Novachord Organ

One of only 5 in the world restored to factory level was on display for all to see.  Truly a beautiful instrument.

Read Sweetwater’s article on the Novachord

#4 – The amazing drum kits on display at Gearfest

Neil Peart of RUSH had two beautiful sets by DW & Alex Van Halen’s Ludwig kit was on display. Way too cool!

#3Chuck Surack, owner of Sweetwater in a helicopter!

AKA Papa Sweetwater flying over the fairgrounds in his helicopter was a bit scary but awesome!

#2 – Creative Recording Techniques with Silvia Massey

Photo Op with Sylvia Massey at Gearfest

I just watched Sylvia Massey play guitar through a hot dog, then a hair dryer, and out a Fender amp, followed by a session of dudes slapping their bare arses in lieu of hand claps in a session. Can life get radder? I submit to you that it cannot.

#1 – Seeing all the graduates visiting the CRAS booth

CRAS Graduate Devin Holston at Gearfest 2016
CRAS Graduate Brendan Steed at Gearfest 2016

 Yup, nothin’ better than visiting with our graduates – Highlight of the trip!

So there it is, the best things that rocked at Sweetwater’s Gearfest!  For more information on next year’s event head over to Sweetwater’s site.