8 Things You Can Learn From Recording School?

When students contact our recording engineer schools they often ask about our recording studio connections and resources, our laptop recording package, and what can they learn to help them get a job in the recording/music industries. Our recording school’s #1 goal is to give our students the best learning experience in the recording, audio, and music space.

Here are the Top 8 Things you can learn from a Recording Studio School

  • How to become a recording engineer
  • Music Production
  • Multimedia Technologies
  • Audio Business
  • Core Technologies
  • Pro Tools
  • Live Sound
  • Internship

Our courses are designed to make sure you understand everything you need to start a successful career in the recording arts industry. From technology and tools, (pro tools) to application, and real life experience.

Our master recording program consist of a 42 semester credit program taught over an 11-month period. We give you 9 months of hands-on training, education, and study with internships completed over a 12 weeks.  Our goal is to train our students so they have a well-rounded education that prepares them for real life current standards of the recording and audio world.

We provide education in not only recording but all areas of audio and music production and engineering.  At our recording studio school, we train our students for positions in a diverse areas of music, gaming audio, live sound, broadcasting, post production for TV and movies and more.  The recording and audio engineering jobs you can achieve range from promotions, publicity, media, to corporate environments.

Also through an internship you will gain real life experience in a recording studio environment and we make calls based on specific career paths you are seeking. So part of our process is learning how to connect with employers in the recording and music industry.