Accredited vs. Unaccredited Audio Engineering Schools

When deciding on your education and a future career in music production or audio engineering you have to be aware of the types of music schools whether a trade school or university and more importantly Accredited vs. Unaccredited audio engineering schools as an example.

What is an Accredited Audio Engineering or Music Production School?

  • An accredited school like ours follows a common standard that are vetted by accreditation agencies.
  • Accredited agencies investigate schools to make sure they follow academic standards
  • In some cases the government regulates and accredits schools.

What is a Non-Accredited School?

  • The school doesn’t follow guidelines as discussed above.
  • Sometimes schools claim to be accredited by a non recognized agency that isn’t approved by the department of Education so you have to be careful and take that into consideration asking any school you are interested in if this is the case for them.
  • They have NO Academic standards
  • They can offer online degree programs that don’t give you everything you need to succeed
  • They can award a degree very easily at their discretion
  • They are sometimes labeled a “scam” or rip off

Hat tip: OnlineDegreeCenter

You need to be aware of these differences between accredited vs. nonaccredited schools and sometimes it’s very easy to spot a non accredited school when they have a very easy application process if one at all, cheap tuition, and takes a lot less time than normal to learn a trade or skill for that degree.

Also, many employers will not accept them or take you seriously so it can be a lot tougher to get a job or find a career after going through their program vs. going to an accredited audio engineering/music production school like ours.

An accredited school such as CRAS makes sure we follow strict guidelines set by approved accrediting agencies that adhere to really thorough standards and a quality process.

Likewise, our accreditation process follows higher standards set by the ACCSC that includes continuously improving our education programs to give the very best training on the current trends, tools, and environment of the music production or audio engineering industry.

If we fail to hold high standards of integrity, accountability, community, and continuous improvement we can have our accreditation revoked unlike unaccredited schools that don’t follow the same set of high standards and these core values.

If you want to learn more about our accreditation and process to apply call us at 888-930-1991 or apply online today here

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