Audio Engineer Salary: How Much Do Audio Engineers Make?

So you are considering getting into the music or movie industry by going to an audio engineering school like ours, and you want to know what the ROI of going to our trade school could be and how much you can make with an audio engineer salary after you graduate, right?

Or maybe you are just curious how much a sound engineer can make to plan a career in the entertainment industry where you can be behind the scenes helping with the quality production while doing something you are passionate about.

These are great questions to ask and be researching and although most careers have outliers on both ends that make a lot more than or less than the average we are confident in giving you an audio engineer salary range you can bank on.

Also, we have data and insights we will share towards the end of the article based on some of the audio engineering students that graduated from our school in less than a year and have the opportunity to make at least 2x their investment within the next year.

Here is salary information we gathered that we are citing directly from credible unbiased sources for you to consider.

Researched Audio Engineer Salaries cites from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the average salary of a sound engineer technician is about $56,110 a year. cites an Audio Engineer media salary is $43,992 per year and it ranges from $25,7765-$82,108 with potential bonuses of $4,989. says the average salary of Audio Engineers in the US is about $28.21 per hour with an average salary of $58,670 per year. Their range is from $22,820-$106,870 again based on experience and whether you went to a school like CRAS or not. a job search site shows an average audio engineer salary being $95,000 which is the highest by far but this based on job search and 2015 data so this great resource to consider.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2014 has the mean annual wage for sound engineers at $58,670 with a range again from $22,820 to $106,870 very similar to the other researched sources we shared previously.

CRAS’s take on Audio Engineering Salaries

Our take on an Audio Engineer / Sound Engineer salary and how much you can make is going to be based on how hard you work, where you find a job, whether or not you received formal school training from our program like ours, and what type of Audio Engineering you will be doing.

In many of our referenced researched links from multiple sources they show six figures a year is attainable with an audio engineering school education. You can go into the motion picture industry, sports events like NASCAR, or even radio and television broadcasting.

Our goal is to help you increase your chances at the higher end of the audio engineer salary ranges and give you a positive experience and ROI from attending our school. As we mentioned earlier you could potentially make well over 2x your investment in our program the first year out of school if you learn as much as possible, network, and graduate from our program.

Start your audio engineering career and apply today.