Learn How to Shape Your Career in Audio Engineering

The shaping of sounds is something that most people never really consider as a conversation piece. True, we all love being enveloped in a great movie, or being whisked away into some virtual video game setting, or vibing to the latest album of our favorite performer, or being at a great concert, or simply vegging while binge-watching our favorite show on the tube. I’ll give you that a lot of that experience it the VISUAL sensation, but, now that you’ve read up to this point, imagine muting the sound for any of what’s been mentioned, and making it through the entire experience. Last I heard, watching anything with the sound OFF is nothing more than surveillance!

The point of this is that what we HEAR is CRITICAL to the EXPERIENCE and lends itself in great part to the ENJOYMENT FACTOR!

For example, next time you watch an intense war sequence of a movie, notice the rattling sounds of the military rifles. If you know anything about military grade firearms, you’ll know that they are precision built and simply don’t rattle. However, how boring would it be to WATCH the scene without the kind of sounds that build anticipation? Genuinely, a lot of the time, it’s the SOUNDS that keep YOU at the edge of your seat!

How about the basketball “swish” sound, during the big NBA Finals game? With thousands of people in the crowd, you don’t really think that the “swish” is going to be audible, right? So, how do we HEAR it? No joke, there’s a microphone on the rim of the hoop, and it’s somebody’s job to make sure it’s heard!

Ever been to a concert where the performers are just on fire? Well, if you’ve never been on a stage performing for others, it can be VERY DIFFICULT hearing what you’re playing, or hearing the other musicians on stage. For that reason, off to the side of the stage is an Audio Engineer mixing the concert for JUST THE MUSICIANS! Why? So that they can hear themselves well enough to give YOU what you’re there for… A GREAT PERFORMANCE! On top of that, there’s another Audio Engineer working the SOUND for the audience.

Video games have enthralled scores of gamers, but half of the experience is the lifelike sounds of a warrior panting deeply as he scans the horizon for his escape. Honestly, the soundscape of a video game is what draws the player into assuming the role of the character!

When it comes to records, well… every single sound that’s heard is what makes the song. There are times that just by listening to the song, certain emotions will be evoked. Hearing an 808 kick drum pumping out of speakers is enough to get you to move! Hearing that distant telephone voice on a vocal makes you feel like there’s something intimate happening. I think we’ve all heard music that has “moved” us inexplicably, right?

So, who shapes these sounds? Who is adjusting the levels to make sure everything audible is “balanced” enough for the given experience? Who tweaks the knobs and alters the plug-ins in the DAWs? Who is responsible for us “cleanly” hearing the roar of a NASCAR engine? Who takes it upon themselves to make sure that a character’s deep breaths are heard, even though he’s 100 yards away, when we watch it on the screen? Who makes sure the concert sounds fantastic? Who? Well, it could be YOU!

However, in order for it to be YOU, YOU have to have that undying passion in you to shape sound for a living! YOU have to have the desire to have the skillset to be able to say YES to any opportunity in the Audio Industry! You have to have the credentials that will ease you into the Audio Industry, as well. That’s where CRAS comes in.

The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences is a long-standing tradition in excellence, when it comes to preparing YOU for your FUTURE in Pro Audio.

In a mere 36 weeks, CRAS can instill in YOU the KNOWLEDGE, the SKILLSET, and the CONFIDENCE to enter the Audio Industry.

In 9 months, YOU will train in 13 world class studios, including a 42’ Mobile Broadcast Unit, with award winning instructors. Your time at CRAS is spent learning all five disciplines of Audio Production:

  • Music Production
  • Video Game Audio
  • Broadcast Audio
  • Live Sound Reinforcement
  • Post Production

However, because CRAS knows that the most difficult thing is getting your foot in the door, each student, as a graduation requirement, receives a 280 Hour Internship, in a locale of their choice! See, with CRAS’ serious pedigree, YOU are taken seriously! For over 30 years, CRAS students continuously go from Student to Graduate to SUCCESS!!! And those SUCCESSFUL CRAS GRADS keep paving the roads for people JUST LIKE YOU!

Now is the time that YOU can start SHAPING SOUNDS by simply doing this: