The VALUE of going to a Trade and Technical School

Why Audio Engineering Trade School?

If you’re passionate about a career in music and audio, in general, then going to an audio engineering school can be an incredible springboard to get you started. Not only will you learn the invaluable tricks of the trade (and learn that “tricks” are TECHNIQUES), but you’ll also receive a hands-on experience that is incomparable to other “training” in this highly competitive field.

When you’re looking at trade schools for audio engineering, then you’ll definitely want to evaluate the quality of the instructors, amongst other virtues. When you see how experienced and knowledgeable our instructors are, you’ll definitely be impressed by the scope of their abilities, and successes in the Pro Audio Industry.

Shortcut to Success

If you seek entry-level employment at a recording studio, sans an education, chances are that you’ll be running errands and grabbing coffee for others. While it is true that this is where most successful engineers start their careers, it’s those with a deep knowledge of signal flow, studio etiquette, and industry savvy that “make the grade.”

In the real world, time is money and many engineers simply don’t have the time to train others. The Pro Audio Industry is based on applying math, and science, to their client’s art, so time is of the essence! When you receive the kind of education the industry demands, you’ll be better equipped to handle big opportunities as they come along. This leads us to another advantage of going to a music production trade school like CRAS, The Conservatory of Recording Arts, and Sciences is we help you arrange a valuable internship, where we place you in the field you most desire, be it Live Sound Reinforcement, Broadcast Audio, Game Audio,  Record Production, or Post Production.

Trade School Vs. University

Although some will debate the merits of going to a traditional college or university, the simple fact of the matter is that this is a career that demands real-world experience, not traditional study. If you go to a regular college, chances are that you will end up spending a great deal of resources on general classes that don’t even reflect your career aims. Why not direct your time and energy completely towards achieving your ultimate goal? A trade school will allow you to develop and sharpen your ear and technical talents. Not only will you be coached by instructors who actively work in the field, but you’ll also be surrounded by others who are as passionate as you about making their musical dreams become a reality.

You’ll need guidance to steer you towards the right types of projects, and a trade school can often help you to identify your own unique talents. After all, it’s a crowded market, and you’re going to have to capitalize upon your strengths and sell them. Trade schools allow you to flourish in your chosen environment. In audio production, there’s often only one chance to get everything right. While you’re in trade school, you can hone your craft without the fear of losing a job, while still being in a “real world” environment. For the rest of your career, you will look back upon this time fondly.

CRAS gives you the tools you need to make a lifetime career out of audio production. We believe in the power of being a self-starter, encouraging students to spread their wings and follow their path to success, when the time is right. More than anyone, we know what it’s like to have a passion for audio production—and how to gain the skills that you will need to succeed in the audio field.

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