How an Education from an Audio Engineering School Can Help You Be Heard

I know that feeling. The feeling of pressing PLAY and hearing something that you’ve worked on for countless hours come through a set of speakers… That feeling of goosebumps on your skin when you get to see your sounds actually affect those that are hearing it… The feeling of moving a microphone around until the sound SOUNDS like you’ve heard it in your head… That feeling of experimenting with the audio tools that you have access to until you make it sound like magic… Yeah, I know that feeling.

It’s obvious that, since you’re reading this, YOU are cut from a particular “cloth.” It’s a special cloth, really. It’s somewhere between artist and scientist. Somewhere between technical and expressive. Somewhere between reserved and outgoing. And, with all of those ingredients, and undying need to BE HEARD! Well, maybe not you, but your SOUNDS, for sure.

In today’s exciting world of DAWs, Plug-Ins, modeling devices, emulators, and other readily available tools, it’s easy to get lost in your art, and turn into a madman (or woman!), whittling away the hours trying to perfect the hook of a song, or a sound effect for a video game that your helping build, or replacing dialog for a scene of a school-project-movie. The combinations of exciting opportunities of dealing with sound… AUDIO… are ENDLESS!

There’s a bit of an issue with all of this excitement, however. Here’s a question that you might not have thought of yet: What are you going to do when the tools you have access to LIMIT what you’re hearing in your head? Here’s another question: What are you going to do when a client asks for more than you can deliver with the tools you have? And, yet, another question: How are you going to fare when your client wants to work in a “big time studio”? Wait… here’s another question: Do you have the network of professionals that will keep you happily working?

See, that’s rub, isn’t it? I know you’ve said it a million times to yourself: “Man… I wish I could do this FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!” Well… YOU CAN! All you have to do is travel that route the RIGHT WAY. And it all starts with EDUCATION!

Yes, I know… you ALREADY know this stuff, right? Really, do you, though? Like, do you know it well enough that it’ll ultimately let you provide for yourself in life? Are you proficient enough in your skill to be able to say “YES” to any opportunity you come across, in the Audio Industry? Listen, you don’t have to answer these questions, I already know that YOU NEED TO KEEP READING!

The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS) is a 30 year tradition of EXCELLENCE in teaching people JUST LIKE YOU the technical skills (and LIFE SKILLS, too!) that will allow them to reach their GREATEST POTENTIAL in this field!

In 36 weeks, CRAS students spend their time immersed in every facet of audio, amongst all disciplines of the industry, to include: Music Production, Live sound Reinforcement, Video Game Audio, Post Production, and Broadcast Audio. From the inception of Analog technology to the leading edge of all things Digital, CRAS has it covered. Yes, it’s a REAL college, that is nationally accredited by ACCSC, so, YES, there’s lectures, but… don’t you REALLY want to know how it all works, so that you know how to explore it all?!

Here’s where it gets really cool, though… CRAS students spend their time in 13 World Class studios, honing their newfound skills, and have access to the facilities 24/7, with Award Winning Instructors.

Now, here’s the BEST part: in order to graduate CRAS’ program, each student works through a 280 hour Internship, in a city/facility of their choosing. Want to work in NYC? Want to live in L.A. and try your hand at Sunset Blvd.? Ever dreamed of being part of a touring production? Want to see your name while the credits roll on a movie, or video game? Does the thought of doing sound for NASCAR excite you? CRAS can make it all happen, with its 30 year connection to the Industry.

After 30 years, the Industry has become very accustomed to the high caliber of CRAS students entering the field, and have definitely taken notice, which is why they are so prone to taking CRAS students as Interns, and, ultimately, offering CRAS GRADUATES EMPLOYMENT!

So, here’s the last question: Haven’t you lived long enough with NOT BEING HEARD? Contact us now at (800)562-6383, and BE HEARD!