Audio is Fun & Games for CRAS Grad Eliot Connors

Game Audio Sound Designer, Voice Over Editor, and Implementer

CRAS is excited to share an update on our grad Eliot Connors and his adventures in game audio engineering!


Eliot was nominated and won a Golden Reel Award in 2013 for:

  • Best Sound Editing – Computer Interactive Entertainment for the game Baiohazâdo 6 (Resident Evil 6)

He is also nominated for another Golden Reel Award in 2014 for:

  • Best Sound Editing – Computer Interactive Entertainment for the game The Last of Us

Soundelux Design Music Group (DMG), headquartered in the heart of Hollywood, is a leading post-production sound company that specializes in sound design, music composition and voiceover recording for video games.  Companies like Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, Konami, Activision and Electronic Arts hire Soundelux DMG to create original or signature sound effects, record and edit voice over, as well as creating sounds and mixes for cinematic cut-scenes within games.

Over the years Soundelux DMG, has been nominated for, and has won, many industry honors including Golden Reel Awards, British Academy Video Games Awards and G.A.N.G. Awards. And Eliot Connors, a CRAS graduate, works there as a Sound Designer.

Eliot’s journey started to take shape while he was attending the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point (UWSP), where he graduated with a degree in web and digital media development. While at UWSP, Eliot created sound effects for a radio drama as part of a communications course and quickly became interested in how to create and manipulate sound.


“Once I graduated UWSP, I knew exactly what I wanted to get out of school… I had a very specific agenda at that point.” Says Eliot. “I looked at all of the possible school choices… The length of the course was a huge factor because I wanted a fast paced program. When I saw the CRAS Master Recording Program II curriculum, I was shocked to see how short and to the point the coursework was.  The hands-on focus was also a major plus when compared to other schools. Keep in mind; I was coming from a traditional university and had my fill of giant, impersonal lectures. I couldn’t have been happier with my CRAS experience.”

The Hunt

Before moving to LA, Eliot took on any work that came his way. This included a number of live sound mixing gigs. “I did live sound to make money. I enjoyed it, it was great, but my main motivation for coming to CRAS was post production. However, the related skills I acquired at CRAS allowed me to make money while pursuing my primary goal.”Upon moving to LA, Eliot was hired at Soundelux DMG where his first responsible role was “asset coordination,” with a huge emphasis on file management. After hours he continued to build his sound design skills by creating demo after demo. “Each demo I created I learned something new, and that still happens with each project I work on.  Every day I learn something new that helps me be a better sound designer”

The Job

Working beyond the game audio sound industry, Soundelux DMG also creates audio for commercials; location based entertainment, and more.  Eliot says, “Clients want to use our services because they know we work hard to create exactly what they are looking for, and beyond. We strive to make new and exciting sounds!  It’s typically a Monday to Friday gig starting the day at 8am, and then we work a 9 to 10-hour day.  But if the project needs to get done, we don’t go home.”

The CRAS Effect

When asked what part of his CRAS education stands out as his “job maker,” Eliot quickly responds, “It’s simple. Every single course I had, I use! DMG does audio integration into video games. Learning Audiokinetic’s Wwise helped facilitate my understanding of this process. And of course, for what I do on a daily basis the biggest thing is Pro Tools!  A simple EQ adjustment or pitch change goes a long way when creating a sound for a sword swipe or monster’s vocal.  It’s hard to comprehend now, but before CRAS I never sat behind a console, I never realized they put that many mics around a drum set (laughs).”

Words of Advice

Eliot knew what he wanted, worked hard and focused on “the prize.” His advice to others who may be thinking about following in his footsteps is – no surprise – clear and direct, “Have a direction in mind and then go with it. Get your skills sharp… not just the technical stuff, but also the ‘soft skills.’ The understanding of how things work in the industry, the people, and the egos, how it all fits together. This last part was huge at CRAS. Also understand that nothing is going to fall in your lap. The more you do gigs you don’t like, the more likely you’ll get a gig you do like. You have to go out and meet people, circulate. And yes, sometimes you even have to fetch some coffee (laughs).”

Eliot’s Partial List of Work Credits in Game Audio Sound

  • Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. Game Website
  • Sound design, mixing and implementation for the game
  • Alan Wake
  • Crackdown 2
  • Gears of War 2
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Lost Planet 2
  • Sound design, mixing and implementation for the game