How to Find Your Passion in Pro Audio/ Video Gaming, after High School

Now that you’ve graduated from High School, are you wondering what new educational adventure will lead you into a career in Pro Audio or Video Gaming? Did you start pondering this well before you entered your last year of High School? Have you realized that the traditional 4-year college is just not for you? If so, there’s good news! Many students, like you, leaving their High School years are caught at a crossroads of having to choose the traditional educational route, and the route that feeds their passions in Pro Audio.

Many students feel the same way you do and would rather first hone in on a specific skill or passion or get a job and start a career in an industry they love sooner than later. By this point, you have also realized, besides spending all this money, getting student loans, and committing to 4 years or more at college, you still think you want to learn more in specific industry before jumping completely into a job or career at entry level, with no skills at all.

If a lot of this makes sense to your situation, and feels like what you have been experiencing lately, then we have the perfect fit for YOU with our Master Recording Program II, which offers a concise, laser focused audio engineering curriculum, which encompasses music, live sound, broadcast, film/tv, and video game audio. By going through our course, we can give you a better chance at getting a job in the music or video game industries.

Audio, Music Programs Overview

Our unique Music and Audio Engineering Program covers 5 core focuses that will help YOU get a well-rounded education in the top industries that have demand for students like yourself that have a passion, and the skills, after completing our programs to fill their job opportunities.

The five key areas where you will learn about how music and audio work are the following:

  1. Music – This is a foundation course that covers recording technology, from its’ earliest inception to the latest techniques used in recording studios.
  2. Live Sound –  This portion of our program will prepare you for all facets of sound production for audiences of any size.
  3. Broadcast – The broadcast audio section of our program will cover everything you need to know on how music /audio is integrated into events like the UFC, or Broadcast TV shows like Fox Sports and CBS Radio, where former CRAS grads have been involved.
  4. Film & TV – Learn how audio and music is incorporated into movies or TV shows from the slightest sound effect, to full on dialog and musical scoring.
  5. Video Games – Love video games or the video game industry? We have you covered in the section of our video game audio component, where you can learn how all the different sounds and audio is mixed into a video game to make it that much better. Some of our CRAS Grads have worked on or been involved in the sound design of Top Video Games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians.

Five More Reasons CRAS Audio Program Can Help You Land a Job in the Music and Video Game Industry

With only 12 students per program, you get hands on experience and education with an instructor that gives you all of the attention you need.

Our program is only 11 months, so you get to experience a trade school specific education catered to the industries you want to get a job in after you graduate.

With it only being 11 months, it’s a great way for a high school graduate or someone with a GED an opportunity to get an education to enhance their career without a 4-year college like commitment.

YOU can earn 17 certifications you can be proud of and share with a future employer, which is a great resume builder.

For three decades, CRAS has been fostering the passions of students that have found success across the entire spectrum of opportunity, in this industry.

The hardest part of getting the “dream gig” in this industry is getting your foot in the door. To this end, CRAS will help find the perfect 280-hour Internship to finalize your education, and help spearhead YOUR CAREER in Pro Audio!

As well, each student receives  a Laptop Recording Package that is included.

Our Enrollment Experts are ready to speak to you about YOUR FUTURE in Pro Audio, so contact CRAS at: