Learn Why CRAS is one of the Best Audio Production Schools

Audio Production is an often-misunderstood phrase. While most quickly assume that these words mean the “making” of music, the reality is that these words are more of an “umbrella” for all the efforts that go into a finished product.

There is so much more to “audio” than merely music. It’s everywhere around us. Every Video Game, every movie, every concert, every live stream, every record, every television show… there are scores of experts dealing with the audio side of the event. Oh, the things we take for granted…

Most consumers don’t put a lot of thought into how they’re actually “listening” to what they’re hearing. If it’s a favorite song of theirs, they assume that the artist(s) must have entered a recording studio, the lights must have dimmed, and moments later “the song” was born of sheer magic.

When a movie is being viewed, we try to wrap our heads around the story, but fail to realize that the sound effects, and musical orchestration, evokes the emotion that the viewer must live through, in order to convey the atmosphere that the movie-makers originally envisioned.

In watching a sporting event on tv, we fail to rationalize how we HEARD the swoosh of the basketball passing through the net, or that the sounds must match the visuals that are being passed from one camera to another.

I’d bet you don’t think about the two different concerts that are happening at once, when you go see an artist perform live. That’s right… there’s a team of experts controlling the sound for the audience, and another team controlling the sound on stage, so that the artists can hear themselves over the roar of the crowd.

When you can hear the character’s heartbeat, after a massive battle, in the video game you’re playing, again we assume that it all must’ve been done with some kind of magic.

In the brave new world of internet streaming, the consumer loves being part of the “now,” but doesn’t put too much thought into how they’re hearing what they’re hearing, or how they’re going to be heard.

See, none of it is magic. It’s science! The same kind of technical ability that it takes to record a vocal performance for a hit record, is the same science it takes to get that heartbeat to be heard in a video game, or to be able to hear that basketball’s swoosh, and so on, and so on.

Those experts are known as Audio Engineers and are the reason that you and I hear audio EVERYWHERE we go.

Audio Engineers become experts by studying their craft, and by getting the kind of education that will give them credibility when they enter the employment pool.

The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS) is an educational facility that focuses on the passion of being able to passionately “do” audio. While the education is immersive, for 30+ years CRAS has developed the recipe that the Audio Industry takes very seriously, allowing students to learn the craft that WE ARE ALL DEPENDENT ON, when it comes to SOUND! For the fact that every disciple of audio is covered (Music Production, Live Sound Reinforcement, Post Production, Broadcast Audio, and Video Game Audio), CRAS students find themselves in a unique situation where their newfound knowledge can lead them to new and exciting adventures across the ENTIRE WIDTH of the industry. More so, CRAS students are “work ready” in 36 weeks and are recognized in the industry as a “now ready” candidate for employment. To help bridge the gap between finishing their on-site education and their employment opportunities, CRAS provides an Internship at one of over 3,000 top tier facilities across the United States, as a graduation requirement.

Yes, in 36 weeks, YOU can start being the “magic” that others just don’t understand, and start living YOUR DREAM of working with SOUND, EVERY DAY AND EVERY WHERE!!!