Big dreams? You’re in the right place at CRAS

September 9, 2020

Since 2009, CRAS graduates have been involved in more than 173 GRAMMY winning albums and engineered live sounds for artists from the Beach Boys and Billy Joel to Decendents and Death Cab for Cutie.

Everywhere you turn, our former students are capturing attention as well as Gold and Platinum certifications, Oscars, Grammys, Tonys, AMAs, CMAs, and EMMYs. You can too.

CRAS graduates are well-known for winning top industry honors because they start climbing the success ladder with a leg up on experience, connections—and confidence.

How good are they? Check this out: The far-reaching impact of CRAS graduates includes credits for more than 3,800 film, television and documentary projects. In 2018 alone, our alumni worked on eight of the award-winning films featured at the Oscars. Other CRAS graduates are out there recording, editing and mixing broadcast sound for leading companies like ESPN, FOX Sports and CBS Radio.

CRAS speeds the path to success

It’s no secret that CRAS offers one of the most highly rated programs in the nation for audio recording, sound engineering, and music production. Our curriculum is laser-focused on everything you need to know for a successful career in music, video game sound, broadcast audio, live sound, and audio for film and TV. You’ll learn practical skills and techniques, critical listening and thinking, and facility operations and protocols along with expert knowledge that creates a problem-solving attitude.

CRAS-educated engineers don’t flinch when they are facing a new piece of equipment or breakthrough technology. They are the ones who dive right in, return to basics, and translate that understanding into learning and mastering every fresh challenge. In a world where technology continues to evolve at lightning speed, that level of confidence translates into pure employee gold. CRAS manages to blend a thorough understanding of past technologies with an ongoing passion for creativity and innovation. After completing a comprehensive curriculum that includes a 12-week internship, our graduates are leaps and bounds ahead of other candidates.

Just 11 months to career launch

Audio is a technical skill that demands hands-on experience. With CRAS, you won’t have to waste years of time and money on general education and theory before getting behind a board and working in a real studio. The CRAS educational experience is real world because we want your first gig after graduation to feel easier than school—not tougher. We want to send you out with strong, broad wings for a sure, steady ascent on your chosen course.

CRAS enables you to complete one of the nation’s most comprehensive, interactive educational experiences in five exciting audio career paths without building a mountain of debt. Best of all, you’ll be spending those 11 months immersed in your craft, connecting with peers and industry leaders, and building a rock-solid foundation that can pave the way to a truly stellar career. Award winners are people who never stop learning and growing, which can make the bonds you forge at CRAS even more important after graduation.

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CRAS Alumni Make It!

As a CRAS graduate, you can join the list of other alumni that have worked on award-winning and award-nominated recordings. Apply today to take the first step on your path to greatness.

Laptop Recording Package Included in the Cost of Education

As a CRAS student you’ll receive a Laptop Recording Package so you can take your studio with you wherever you go.

CRAS is a positive and friendly environment with lots of opportunity.

“CRAS is unique, they infuse you with all the knowledge that is required for working in the professional field of audio; How to market yourself, how to utilize and maintain any and all professional audio equipment that is used in today’s industry.  It’s an environment where doorways to opportunity arise day by day and the people carry a vibe like nowhere else. 
— Ryan, CRAS Student