Our Blue Microphone Survey

It’s Blue Week at CRAS!

Having Blue Microphones on campus yesterday was another amazing time with a manufacturer! Ben and Tyler, from Blue Microphones, brought some great mics to be used in yesterday’s session in Studio A with Mike Jones.

In preparation for the visit, we did a Blue Microphone Survey, surveying our student population, graduates, and faculty, asking questions in regards to Blue Microphones.   We received many great responses!  See our fun 3-D styled infographic on the responses below, and also check out a few questions that we didn’t include on the infographic but we decided to share them after the graphic!

See our fun 3-D styled infographic on the Blue Microphone Survey responses below, and also check out a few questions that we didn’t include on the infographic but we decided to share them after the graphic!

Here are the additional questions we asked on the survey:

Placement; what is your favorite when using Blue mics?

The responses were:

  • 6′ above kit at about a 39 degree one aimed at ride bell and one at the hat to start.
  • Aimed at 12th feet.
  • 6″ from vocal
  • Close mic
  • Either kick out in the center about 2-4 inches off the head, or just where the vocalist feels comfortable
  • Front & Center
  • I like putting the mic upside down when on the mic stand because of the shape of the microphone.
  • I love the Bottles in a spaced pair for drum overheads, or for piano.
  • I use the Encore 200 and Bottle up close on vocals, or acoustic instruments, or if I use a stereo Bottle as a room mic I put it 12 feet away at an angle from the center of the kick drum and 12 feet away from each other
  • In front of vocalist.
  • Iso booth for vocals
  • I’ve run a couple Bottles as drum overheads and they sounded amazing.
  • mid cone on speaker guitar amp
  • On a vocalist, about 6 inches away from the mouth, and slightly above it.
  • On drums I use them as overheads
  • Overhead at 3 feet apart as low as you can go with the drummer feeling comfortable to be able to pay
  • right in front of vocals or used outside a kick drum
  • Spaced-Pair configuration using Blue Bottles with cardioid capsules as drum overheads.
  • Standard placement for vocals.
  • vocals and overheads

What is your “favorite” Blue Mic/instrument combo? (favorite mic with a specific instrument)

  • Bottle drum room mic
  • I record acoustic guitar with my spark a lot, so I’d have to say that.
  • Bluebird on vocals
  • Blue bottle, grand piano.
  • No instrument just vocals
  • Baby bottle with an r&b vocalist.
  • Blueberry on acoustic guitar
  • Kick drum and the bottle rockets
  • Bottle and a mandolin or acoustic guitar
  • Blue omni mouse for overheads on drums
  • Blue mic and outside kick drum
  • Woodpecker on acoustic guitar or saxophone.
  • Blue microphones snowball ice usb microphone podcast/acoustic guitar
  • Bottle rocket stage 1 with b-0 on vocals and kick drum.
  • Woodpecker with acoustic guitar
  • Blue bottle rocket with female vocals
  • Bluebird and acoustic guitar.
  • Bottle on drums
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Dragon fly on acoustic guitar through grace 801 pre into summit tube compressor

Cool insight into what the CRAS family has to say about Blue Microphones!

We love that Blue Mics spent the day with us  and then also participated in our CRAS AES event later that evening!