Looking to start an Audio Recording Career in Chicago? Make it happen with CRAS.

CRAS is one of the premier Audio Engineering & Music Production Schools. Whether you’re already into music and recording or looking to start from scratch, in under a year, CRAS provides the education and industry connections needed to succeed and be in demand.

CRAS Grads Make it

From country and hip hop to heavy metal and EDM music, to movies, video games and live sound, CRAS grads are in demand and have worked on more than 3,800 film, TV, and documentary projects, 122 AAA video game titles, and over 200 Grammy nominated and winning recordings. Attend CRAS and you could be part of the next generation of in demand professionals in the music and entertainment industry.

CRAS CAN GET you in the Chicago MUSIC AND RECORDING INDUSTRY quickly and without a mountain of debt

The CRAS program provides the education you need to succeed in the fast-paced, challenging world of audio recording and sound engineering in Chicago. If you’re looking for an education that can give you the knowledge and skills to start a career in the Chicago audio recording industry, then apply now.

CRAS GRADS have begun their careers at many Chicago facilities, including:

35th St. Studios
Chicago, IL

ARU Chicago
Chicago, IL

Carter CO Recording
Chicago, IL

Chicago Recording Company
Chicago, IL

Electrical Audio
Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Periscope Post And Audio
Chicago, IL

Pressure Point Recording
Chicago, IL

Program Productions
Chicago, IL

Rax Trax
Chicago, IL

Tightrope Recording
Chicago, IL


in under a year!

Are you struggling to create a recording career? Don’t know how to get from where you are to where you need to be? In under a year, CRAS provides a comprehensive education that covers all 5 focuses of the recording arts.

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Laptop recording package

As a CRAS student you receive a Laptop Recording Package included in the cost of education so you can take your studio with you wherever you go.


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Experience a Day in the Life of a CRAS Grad

Check out this mini-documentary and learn what being a professional audio engineer is like.