CRAS Grad took a chance and ended up with a #1 hit single!

Graduate success is always great to write about. It’s exciting to hear first hand of a student’s success! This is why I am so excited to write this post about our graduate, Kevin Anyaeji.

We were recently able to purchase a couple copies of the plaque for Kevin’s work on Cheryl’s album “Only Human”, which was recently certified gold! We like to purchase copies of all our student’s credited works, which we proudly display onsite at our campuses.

He has been working in the audio industry for a little over 4 years and has had some great success. Right before leaving, I approached Kevin and asked if he’d be interested in an opportunity that we had just received. Without hesitation, he said yes and the rest is pretty much history!

Kevin was able to intern at a private facility, with A-List engineer/producer Wayne Wilkins, who had just relocated to LA.

Wayne was originally an engineer/producer in England and had relocated to LA to work with his clients. Wayne’s discography is amazing. He’s co-written and co-produced songs for Natasha Bedingfield’s “These Words”, “Single” and “Love Like This”; Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams”; Cheryl Cole‘s “Fight For This Love” and “Promise This”; and Jordin Sparks’s “Battlefield”. You can see more about Wayne Wilkins on his website:

A few months ago, I ran into Kevin while he happened to be at our Gilbert location one night for a session. He thanked me for everything, and said that he owes it all to me. I was very humbled by his gracious comment. I thanked him for the kind words, but reminded him that all I did was offer him an opportunity; his hard work and character allowed him to move forward with his career.Kevin had remained with Wayne after his internship was complete. He’s even called CRAS and requested interns.

This past week, I got an email from Kevin with some great news! He had flown to London and had been part of the songwriting and recording sessions on Cheryl Cole’s new album. Her first release was “Crazy Stupid Love”, featuring Tinie Tempah. This song has hit #1 on the charts in the UK and has remained there for the past 6 weeks.

Check out Cheryl’s video for her hit single “Crazy Stupid Love”

The hit single has also certified as Silver with BPI, which is the equivalent to the RIAA certifications here in the US.

Congratulations to Kevin with his success and we hope this is just the beginning for him! 

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