Teaching the skills needed to start a career in any one of the five focuses of the recording arts.

At CRAS, we teach the skills you need to excel as an Audio Engineer and Sound Designer. Whether you are already involved in home recording, live sound, video, or looking to start from scratch — we’ve got you covered.

Start your audio engineering career in under 11 months!
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People from all over the world come to CRAS to follow their dreams of becoming a successful Audio Engineer and Sound Designer!

If you are thinking about anything audio, CRAS is as good as it gets. If you don’t do it now you’ll never do it.” 

— Thayer Creft, CRAS Student

Laptop Recording Package Included in the Cost of Education

As a CRAS student you’ll receive a Laptop Recording Package so you can take your studio with you wherever you go.

CRAS Alumni Make It!

As a CRAS graduate, you can join the list of other alumni that have worked on award-winning and award-nominated recordings. Apply today to take the first step on your path to greatness.