CRAS Grads Make It!

The most important testament to any education is that it can actually be applied. Our focus here at the Conservatory is to train our students to be the best audio engineers they can be. Our grads get internships into the field of the audio industry of their choice, and there are many to choose from! Whether it’s working in a studio, going on tour with bands as their live sound or Front of House engineer, or even expanding into the field of television and radio broadcasting. We were able to get some input from some of our success stories, and here is what a few of them are up to right now!

James Alire

Just wrapped on my 6th feature film doing production audio, working both production and post on a handful of projects over the summer. I’m in negotiations for three more features towards the end of the year, and premiering a few films at both Phoenix Comicon and the Jerome Film Festival.

Dakota McBride

I work as the Monitor Engineer for pop rock artist Neon Trees, as well as working monitors for Nightmare and the Cat and Small Pools. I started pre-production in February, went straight into tour and get my first break in mid July -then it’s off to Europe! Hoping to start doing some more touring after this run.

John Kay

Currently, I’m on tour playing guitar with Koffin Kats. Finishing up an April 18 to June 8 run at Ink N Iron festival in Long Beach, CA. Then I’ll be home for just under a week before heading to Europe to tour for two months. In between tours I’m producing albums and mixing at my studio near Detroit, MI. LIVING THE DREAM!!!

Cesar Marenco

I’m working on getting my Bachelor’s degree at Berklee College of Music in Electronic Production, with a minor in Audio Design for Video Games. I’ve also been working on video games and music on the side.

Skyla Rose Wild Eagle

I’ve officially been a graduate of C RAS for a month and I have 3 TV credits on Arizona Nights, work at 3 local bars, 2 performing arts centers and am a full time audio tech for AV Concepts where I get to repair gear, build gear, fill orders for big name clients, and A2 on show site! All thanks to CRAS, CRAS AES, and all the amazing teachers and staff at CRAS!

It’s absolutely wonderful to hear these things, and we are proud of all of our students! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!