CRAS is the place for hands-on learning

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If you are looking for a top-rated audio career school in a non-traditional environment, you’ve landed at the right place.

Learning to use high-end tube gear, consoles, and tape machines becomes more important with every passing day. That’s why CRAS stands in a class of its own for investing so heavily in the latest and greatest technologies. We want our up-and-coming pros to have every hands-on experience they need to launch their career with the highest degree of confidence and professionalism. CRAS even includes a laptop recording package in the cost of your education.

Tightly packing our program into 11 months means that you’ll be graduating without a mountain of debt.

Looking for financial aid? No problem. Our Financial Services Office is ready to assist you with loans, grants, scholarships and G.I. Bill benefits.

The awards say it best

You can read all day long about the national reputation CRAS has built for astounding facilities and gear, rock star faculty, small class size, individual attention, and student engagement. But the greatest testament to our success is the way our graduates rise through the industry ranks and shine. How good are they? CRAS alumni worked on eight of the award-winning films featured at the 2018 Oscars and were involved with six albums that won GRAMMYs in 2020. Their far-reaching impact includes credits for more than 3,800 film, television and documentary projects. Across the industry landscape, our former students are winning Gold and Platinum certifications, Oscars, GRAMMYs, Tonys, Billboard Music Awards, RIAA Awards, AMAs, CMAs, and EMMYs.

Audio education is all we do

Every resource at CRAS is dedicated to one craft and committed to helping you grow in professional knowledge and expertise. This single-minded approach goes even further. At CRAS, every faculty member, every advisor and mentor, every professional connection, every student you chat with over lunch—everyone shares your career interest. You’ll be a part of the growing CRAS community where alumni and even former classmates can turn into highly valued colleagues and insider connections.

Graduate with your foot in the door

CRAS alumni launch their careers with a step up in the audio industry. We limit the size of our classes to give you the maximum one-on-one time with your instructors and more hands-on time in the studio. Our laser-focused curriculum gives you a chance to learn, grow, and excel in all five industry disciplines: Music, live sound, video game sound, broadcast audio, and audio for film and TV. In less than a year, you’ll have all the knowledge, skills, and concepts you need to succeed in a challenging, competitive, fast-paced industry. But you’ll have something else too: The connections, confidence, and real-world experience gained in a 12-week internship.

At CRAS, you tailor your internship experience around your career goals and we take care of all the details. In fact, our internship program is the only one of its kind in the field of audio education. Working in a real-world studio gives you the inside track on operations and protocols as well as the opportunity to apply everything you have learned. Best of all, it gives you the confidence you need to succeed from the day you graduate.

So what are you waiting for? Eleven months from now you could be launching your audio engineering career. Request information or apply today!