CRAS Launches New Broadcast Audio Curriculum

The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences adds the Broadcast Audio curriculum, continuing the tradition of creating opportunities for its graduates.

Building on the successes our graduates are enjoying in the various areas of the Recording Arts, the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences – CRAS, is beginning a brand new partnership with the Broadcast Audio Community.

Similar to the Audio/Music Recording and Game Audio industries, the Broadcast Audio Community is looking for an institution to work closely with them to provide their much-needed interns and ultimately — trained and certified personnel. With CRAS graduates being known and recognized for their knowledge and readiness, this large and exciting group has turned to The Conservatory to help fill that void. We feel it will be definitely a “Win – Win” for everybody involved, especially our students.

Working directly with leading members of the broadcast industry, we have re-structured our curriculum, adding classes and ultimately skills to our students’ repertoire that fit the needs of jobs in broadcast. This new program strengthens our broadcast audio relationships, and as such, we can now offer expanded internship opportunities for CRAS students in both the broadcasting and the audio/music recording world.

The goal of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences is to not only provide a quality education, but also to create gainful employment opportunities for our graduates. Simply put, this new broadcast partnership will now open doors that previously weren’t open.

We have also added completely new broadcast facilities, outfitted with the latest audio production equipment, which like all CRAS studios, mirrors the environment our graduates will encounter in the field. The addition of this broadcasting curriculum will extend our program from 30 weeks to 36 weeks on campus. There is also a modest increase in tuition, but the added class time adds great value to our curriculum, making it stronger and deeper in nature.

Our new broadcast program will go into effect for all students starting with the October 25, 2013 start date and continue from that point forward. It is not an “elective” but a new, additional benefit of the Master Recording Program II.

You can reach our Admissions representatives at 1-800-562-6383 for more information.

This is a great time to be a CRAS student… now even more prepared for the professional world of Broadcasting and/or Audio/Music Recording.