CRAS at the Tempe Guitar Show

This weekend we had the pleasure of hanging out at the Tempe Guitar Show. This year marked the fifth annual occurrence of the Show, which was sponsored by Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers and was held in downtown Tempe. This is just one great example of all of the amazing different arts festivals and shows that the Tempe area has to offer, and we were glad that we could be part of it!

This year we were able to snag a booth at the Tempe Guitar Show to proudly show off some of the work that our grads have done, exhibiting some flashy flair with various gold and platinum records, including Jeremy Underwood’s gold record for John Mayer’s Where The Light Is. There were five great bands there, as well as a good number of other amazing local vendors from the Phoenix music scene! This was a great opportunity for us to show off our newly designed truck that will be hauling around our broadcast trailer here in the near future!

You may see this truck showing up to more and more events around the Phoenix area, and if you do feel free to stop by and say hi! This is the truck that will be pulling our brand new broadcast trailer, which is outfitted with everything you could possibly need for a broadcast setup – an SSL AWS console, full outboard gear rack, multiple TVs and speaker combinations, as well as a hook up to tie us into the CRAS physical locations via ethernet and fiber cables. This will allow us to emulate a full broadcast scenario, similar to what many of our grads, such as Jeremy Hinskton does with Music Mix Mobile gig!

This should be quite an exciting year for CRAS, and we are looking forward to many big things here in the near future! Stay tuned for more updates!