“I have had the opportunity to lecture at CRAS a number of times and never cease to be impressed by both the staff and students. It’s a highly technical environment and the facilities are chock full of wonderful, state-of-the-art gear, sure, but the thing that impresses me most is the “family” feel among the staff and students and the level of technical chops and professionalism among the staff. In my book, the über-experienced CRAS staff members are rockstars in the tech-ed world and do a wonderful job of preparing students for their ultimate careers. Be it worship sound, concerts, recording, broadcast, education, film sound, game sound or any other aspect of professional audio and production, the field is wide open to those who possess a solid work ethic, act with integrity, are problem-solvers and put their employers’ needs above their own. Clearly it takes more than technical prowess to rise to the top, but I am confident that if students will keep their eyes & ears open, apply themselves and take advantage of all the opportunities CRAS presents, CRAS can help students craft the solid foundation on which to build successful careers. I wholeheartedly recommend CRAS.”