Grad Spotlight: Gavin Crane

Starting his CRAS journey in July of 2011, Gavin Crane worked hard through our program, earning great grades and not missing a single day of class. That is what it takes to make it in our industry, and make it he certainly has! While our program can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding to those willing to put in the effort. We recently were able to get in touch with Gavin and ask him about his recent success being tour manager for Josh Gracin, who has made a big name for himself after appearing on the hit television show American Idol. Josh has also released three albums and has had numerous songs do great on the Billboard charts.

CRAS: What is your current job title?

Gavin: I’m the Front of House engineer and Tour Manager for Josh Gracin.

CRAS: What particular field of this industry do you work in?

Gavin: Primarily I work in the Live Sound / Touring aspect of the audio industry.

CRAS: Where did you complete your internship after attending the Conservatory?

Gavin: My internship went perfect. I interned for a month, and then got hired on at Sound Image in Nashville. A month after that Rat Sound, out of California, called me and asked me to be the Front Of House Tech on the Country Throwdown Tour! Since then, all those connections have all taken me up hill.

CRAS: During your internship, did you have a memorable horror or success story?

Gavin: I was only at Sound Image a few weeks and the boss asked me to go do my first gig for Vince Gill! The gig went great! I was thrilled, but then we went to load out and the truck broke down on us… I was out there trying to fix the truck in the pouring rain! Haha, Good times!

CRAS: How did you end up in your current position?

Gavin: During the Country Throwdown Tour, I met a ton of people and made great connections. From that gig I landed several other gigs, including Florida Georgia Line. The Monitor Engineer for Gary Allen, at the time of the Country Throwdown Tour, saw me running FOH for Florida Georgia Line and was impressed. He called me a few months later and asked if I wanted to fill in a run of FOH for Josh Gracin. Well, Josh loved my work and hired me on full time! A few weeks later the tour manager resigned and I filled in. He loved my work as tour manager as well, and offered me both positions full time! I had to accept the job! Tour Managing and FOH Engineer, the best of both worlds. Still learning a lot and having a blast while doing so!

CRAS: Wow, that’s great! Have you ever found yourself in an unreal or “starstruck” moment?

Gavin: I get so caught up in my work that I don’t notice, since I usually stay pretty busy, but sometimes on tour, all the things I get to go do and see is amazing. The views are breath taking and the little things in life can do so much in small ways. Every night during the show, once I get everything dialed in, I sit back and think to myself… Wow I made that sound that way? Makes me realize how far I have come. Before CRAS I would have never been able to do that.

CRAS: Do you have any words of wisdom for new students?

Gavin: Take advantage of all opportunities that CRAS gives you as a student. Get in the studios, learn everything you can. Try new things, new ideas that could be great! Don’t be scared to make mistakes, mistakes are a part of it – so you learn not to make them again. Never be afraid to ask questions. Always keep a level head and be easy to work with… And be a hard worker.

CRAS: Great advice. Along those lines, are there any tips or workflows that made your internship or job easier?

Gavin: Be easy to get along with and work hard. Make sure you are ready to go and pre-plan.

CRAS: What is the one thing that sticks with you the most from your time at CRAS?

Gavin: If I could go back I definitely would. I would get in the studios a lot more. I would also add as much Live Sound as possible. Live Sound is a huge part of the industry and there are jobs opening everywhere in Live Sound.

CRAS: Were there any instructors who you felt stood out or imparted some wisdom that stuck with you?

Gavin: Keith Morris, one of your Live Sound instructors, definitely helped me out a lot and taught me a lot. I wouldn’t be where I am without him being one of my instructors and mentors. Along with Pete Bish, Uncle B (Jim Bender), Brian Burrill, I could keep going, but I would probably list everyone at CRAS! Everyone was so helpful!

Thank you so much for your time, Gavin. Congratulations on your success and keep up the great work!