Grad Spotlight: Ryan Benson Makes the Switch

January 23, 2017

Ryan Benson, 2015 graduate, understands what it means to gain experience. His internship experience, work ethic and education got him to where he is today. Read about what hard work and a good attitude can get you!

What position have you received and at what company/studio?

Currently I work at the Switch TV (it was Pacific Television Center Prior to 11/8/2016) as a Master Control Room Operator, and do freelance edit shifts for Media City Sound on the side.

How did you obtain this position?

I obtained my position at The Switch TV by applying online and interviewing. I got the position because I mentioned that CRAS taught me encoding, decoding, embedding and de-embedding.

What are your responsibilities?

I am responsible for booking, setting up, maintaining and trouble shooting satellite and fiber signals across the globe. I deal with a multitude of audio and video encoders, decoders, real time frame rate converters, VTRs, digital file play outs, running sound, camera and lighting for live shots (1-2 person interview cut aways, commonly on a news channel like MSNBC or CNN) while also being responsible for our 24-fiber services that carry network channels like E!, MTV, and TBN.

If you could give some advice to our current student body, what would it be?

Always keep going. I worked at an audio post house (Media City Sound) for minimum wage for 8 months before getting my current job. It was brutal and unfair, but it gave me the skills I needed – and my resume what it needed – to obtain my current position. I also still do freelance edits for them.

Advice tip #2 is: Don’t burn bridges; you’ll want to cross them again later.

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