Grad Spotlight: Tanner Danielson

Tanner graduated 7 years ago. He worked hard to get where he is at today with his career. Check out his story and be inspired!

What position have you received and at what company/studio?

I am one of the three Audio Engineer’s at L.A. East Recording Studios, owned and operated by Non-Stop Music, in Salt Lake City, UT. Non-Stop Music is a “Production Music” company under the “Warner/Chappell Production Music” umbrella of companies, owned by the Warner Music Group.

How did you obtain this position? (Did you apply? Intern there first?)
I walked in and DEMANDED IT!!! Haha no, just kidding. “L.A. East” was actually one of my top 3 studios that we sent my resume out to, for an internship.

I interned for almost a year, and was then offered a job doing data-entry in the offices for Non-Stop Music. About a year of data-entry (and sneaking in to help setup for sessions) one of the engineers left the company, and I was able to take his spot.

What are your responsibilities?

Pretty much anything you think an audio engineer does, we all do. Tracking, editing, mixing, mastering… Every now and then, we can throw in syncing picture if we’re recording a movie trailer, or film score.

If you could give some advice to our current student body, what would it be?

While you’re in school: Don’t be afraid to ask the “stupid questions”, if it helps you learn something you haven’t quite grasped. Book the studios, and stay as late as possible, just practicing little things. Try different, “crazy” signal flow routings, get your signal lost, and find a way to get it back…you’ll learn many many things. Also, as great as your instructors are…remember, the project staff can be a HUGE resource of information. Pick their brains in addition to your teachers’.

After school: Don’t give up! Sometimes it can be a grind to get a gig. (whether that is a paying gig, and internship, or even a part time job at a grocery store, while you’re finding work) Keep your head down, and if you look in the right places, and talk to the right people, there will always be an audio gig around! This is particularly true if you are heading into a “smaller market”. I was unsure what the audio industry would be like in Salt Lake City, but after being around, there are so many opportunities, if you can be well practiced and willing to keep learning. Studio, Location Sound/Broadcasting, Voiceover, Live Sound (seriously, bars shuffle in and out of sound-guys like cards on a poker table) Get out there, meet some people, be nice, remember where you came from and stay grounded, and gigs will start coming your way. Good Luck!