Grad Success Spotlight: Mike Yerkman

Live Sound Engineer – Front of House – Production Management

Mike Yerkman graduated from the Conservatory program only 2 years ago and is already working tons of live sound gigs as a FOH (Front of House) engineer and production management!

Check out his story.

What position have you received and at what company/studio?

I work monitors and front of house as well as some production managing at Double Door, which is located in Chicago.

How did you obtain this position? (Did you apply? Intern there first?)

I interned at this venue through CRAS and landed a position almost immediately after completing my 280 Hours.

What are your responsibilities?

All nights are different in their own ways. Some nights I’m on monitors for a band. That includes setting up mics, ringing out monitors, and running sound for anywhere from 2-5 bands. There have been nights where I have had 12-band shows. Other nights I’ll work FOH in our smaller downstairs venue, called Door Number 3, where usually DJs or punk bands play shows. These shows are also when I’ll production manage, which includes keeping track of capacity (downstairs is 125 persons max, so it fills up quick on some nights). It also includes peeping green rooms and paying the performers.

If you could give some advice to the CRAS student body, what would it be?

Spend time in the studios while in school. Honestly don’t leave. Take notes and work as a team with your classmates. When you leave for your internship, stay on Pro Tools, and if you and to do live sound, study your frequencies and the Avid Venue console.

Congrats on your success, Mike!

Live sound is just one of the Five Focuses of audio engineering that CRAS trains students for. This is just one example of the many jobs available to people interested in working in the music production world. Click here to learn more about Live Sound, or contact us at 888-930-1991.