Hip Hop Music Production Schools to Get You in the Game

If you love hip hop music and the culture of Hip Hop and want to figure out how to get in the Hip hop music game without being an artist behind the mic our music program can help.

Hip Hop music has grown into a very popular genre in the music industry. And because of that and social media there are companies always looking to hire audio engineers, sound engineers and people that know music production.

And to stand out from the crowd having music production educational background vs all of the other job seeker candidates that have no education or tried to dabble with pro tools themselves will help you get further in a behind the scenes music career.

Our music production school doesn’t just stop at Hip Hop but definitely includes it so you get the best insight into that genre of music production while gaining knowledge about other music production genres as well.

Some of the other music production areas we cover is game audio, radio production (which almost every city has a popular hip hop station), movies, and live stage sound. (think hip hop concerts or concert events like Coachella that need a lot of music production and audio engineering crew to pull it off).

Also, having a music production skill set can help you garner a range of salaries, work for a range of companies, and get you into an industry you love and are passionate about.

As DJ Khaled says, “they don’t want you having the keys to success”. At CRAS, we do, and we are ready to show you the keys to music production success in the hip hop industry.

Check out this video and schedule a call with one of our admissions representatives today.