How a NASCAR Race at Phoenix International Raceway is Broadcast to the World

This weekend, over 100,000 people are going to be at Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona to watch the Quicken Loans Race, and one of the cool parts that many of local and national auto fans don’t know is that it takes audio engineering experts – those who have learned their skills at a local audio engineering school here in Gilbert, AZ – as part of the puzzle to broadcast this event, which will be watched by millions of people.

In this video, watch as CRAS instructor Brock tours the PIR broadcast compound and outlines the signal flow required to get sound from the track to the speakers of your home television set!

If you haven’t been to a major auto race to experience the sounds you are missing out! The Quicken Loans Race at Phoenix International Raceway is amazing opportunity to have a great time and experience the sights, signs, and passion of auto fans. Nothing compares to the sound of these cars with hundreds of horsepower rocketing around the track within inches of each other. And sound is a critical component in providing a truly entertaining and full immersive race experience!

Check out this behind-the-scenes video where CRAS students spend a day at Phoenix International Raceway in the broadcast compound, learning how an entire NASCAR event is broadcast to the world.

Students were able to mix a live mix during the race to get hands-on experience of a live race with audio provided by NASCAR. They also were able to see A1’s and A2’s (professional audio mix engineers and assistants) in action mixing audio for Fox Sports 1 and ESPN.

Whether you are a local resident, or if you are visiting Phoenix for the race and perhaps you are looking for a new career skill, consider attending an audio recording school like CRAS, where you can learn all the facets of sound recording to provide the highest quality product for events like these!