How to be Successful in the Audio Industry – Part 3

Part 3 is by Chris Holloway, Studio Manager at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville.

CRAS has maintained a great relationship with Omni Sound Studios for many years.  They are always excited to take on an intern and help them acquire the hours needed for graduation from our program.

Top 8 Traits of a Successful Intern

  1. Has a good ear.
  2. Has a brain and knows how to use it.
  3. Good understanding of studio equipment, gear, and Pro Tools.
  4. Dependable and shows up ahead of schedule.
  5. Observant and motivated (not content to sit on a couch and send texts).
  6. Asks questions and asks to help on projects.
  7. Always seems engaged in what is going on and finds things that need or should be done without being asked to do it.
  8. Finds things to do when times are slow (gets in the studio and works on their own projects, etc).

I love the simplicity in Chris’s list.

These traits are all very valuable to have starting out in the industry as an intern.  A lot of these traits are things we try to instill into our students while on campus.

Our students are driven by their passion for the art of music and we try to help them see that the same drive can help them in pursuit of goals they’ve set for themselves in obtaining their place in the industry.

There is a lot to be said for a great work ethic and understanding how the industry works.

A few years ago, I came across this video on YouTube.  I thought it was fitting to use in this post since, this grad did his internship at Omni Sound and did a video on being a great intern.