How an Education and Internship Experience Can Turn You into an Expert

As a “regular person,” there is so much that we take for granted, as far as education is concerned. We go through our days expecting that those we trust to our homes, our health, our vehicles, and our education are EXPERTS in their field. Every home we walk through, we assume that it must have been built well, by EXPERT craftsmen. Every visit to the doctor, we expect that their title carries it with the kind of EXPERTISE that will keep us happy and healthy. Every vehicle repair, we never really question their ABILITY, and suspect that it all must be fine. These expectations of expertise surround us daily, however, we never consider the EDUCATION of these EXPERTS, and how they took their new knowledge and made their way to the “expert level.”

In today’s world, EDUCATION is CRITICAL. If you really want to rise to the level of your DREAMS, you’ll have to gain the kind of knowledge it takes to be taken seriously in that field, and hat all starts with a proper EDUCATION. In your search for the “right” education, there are many things that you will need to take into consideration. Is this educational facility State licensed and Nationally Accredited? Does this educational facility have an excellent reputation in your chosen field? Will this educational facility foster and nurture your goals? Is an education at this facility TRULY the launch pad you need to spring from, to reach your goals? Will you have the opportunity of “touching” your education with a “hands on” approach to learning? Does this educational facility make part of their “success criteria” an INTERNSHIP/EXTERNSHIP?

The choices in education are vast. REMOTE learning is the essence of “online training,” and while it may convenience your life to take courses like these, the ability of “making real,” and “touching” the education are miniscule, because there is little-to-no application of the newfound knowledge. ON-SITE courses lend themselves to student-instructor interaction and networking with others either working in your chosen field or looking to.

The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS) is an educational facility whose EXPERTISE is Professional Audio, amongst all disciplines of audio, within 13 World Class Studios:

  • Music Production
  • Video Game Audio
  • Live Sound Reinforcement
  • Post Production
  • Broadcast Audio

At CRAS, each student receives a Laptop Recording Package that lends to the ONLINE philosophy of education, but it’s more of a “ok, now that we’ve studied this topic as a class, and now that we’ve placed our hands on the material, take the opportunity to keep studying the information, so that we are all more prepared for tomorrow’s information.” Each student also receives a microphone, an audio interface, and a bevy of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, so that they can continuously “touch their education,” and are “session ready” at a moment’s notice.

Best Internship Programs

For over 30 years, CRAS has upheld their mission statement: to train students for entry-level positions as Audio Engineers in the Audio Production Industry. The way that CRAS has provided this route of success for its Alumni is this: Industry Level Education at the Speed of the Industry. However, where CRAS’ excellence really shines is the INTERNSHIP program. Each student, beyond their 36 weeks of immersive ON-SITE training will move into this tier of CRAS’ program, and with the help of their Internship Coordinator, will make their way to a production facility of their choice, in a city of their choosing, and will make use of CRAS’ continuously growing network of 3,000+ facilities across the United States  that have come to expect excellent student that will turn into excellent employees. Check out this map of Internship sites.

At these Internship facilities, CRAS students get the opportunity to put into effect their new knowledge and turn them into SKILLS. If you’re excited about what you’ve read up to this point, check this out.

Like you would hope that a Doctor has successfully completed their Internship, to be recognized as a capable provider, CRAS students make the 280-hour Internship component of the program mandatory, so that the student is constantly making strides towards becoming the EXPERT in their field. Think about that… 280 hours. There are other educational facilities that have “slim hour” internships, in the vicinity of 10 to 40 hours, but how much “can I trust this person with the keys to our facility” could possibly be instilled in such a short amount of time from the prospective employer? Take a listen to what Candace Stewart from East West Studios has to say about CRAS students:

In the 280 hour Internship, CRAS students get to soak up the culture of the Audio Industry, by learning from Industry professionals that are highly regarded in their own disciplines. Many CRAS students work shoulder-to-shoulder with legendary artists and producers daily. How did they get to that point, you ask? Easy, their educational pedigree got them noticed when they entered the “Minor League” of Professional Audio. Yes, CRAS’ reputation for excellence precedes our students as they enter the field, and, because of that, our students rise quickly to great heights!

CRAS diligently seeks new avenues for Internship sites for our students. CRAS is deeply affiliated with Internship sites that are spread throughout all disciplines, from going on tour with major acts, to sound design for video games, to mixing records for artists, to broadcasting television shows, to voice over work for movies! CRAS is so deeply embedded in the Industry that Production Facilities of all kinds are constantly reaching out to us to help build their in-house workforce with excellent students! A REAL-WORLD EDUCATION THAT LEADS TO A REAL WORLD INTERNSHIP THAT LEADS TO LIVING A REAL DREAM IN PROFESSIONAL AUDIO! Not bad, right?!

After 30+ years of aligning students with the “right education,” and the right route to their desires, CRAS prides itself in maintaining Internships that are POSITIVE for the student, so that they can continuously find “education” during their Internship. We focus very deeply on procuring Internships that allow the student to shine and thrive in this Industry, not “Intern factories” that rifle students through, and have no stake in the student’s successes. Should CRAS come across and Internship facility that does not meet our high standards, or that do not help propagate the art form of Audio Engineering, that facility will be “black-listed,” as they serve no purpose in helping students achieve their DREAMS.

So, know this… studying is not enough. You must have the ability of learning what the Industry was/is/will be, studying that information, but the important part is to be given the chance to make it all “real,” and CRAS does that with YOUR INTERNSHIP.