Why we love this Friday’s Live Sound class – and you should too!

October 1, 2014

Yep!  This class merges our 10th and 11th cycle classes and brings locations together for this live sound engineering class; all 48 students in our massive 6,000 square foot Live Sound Venue all at once.

Both classes have objectives to obtain and only 4 hours to accomplish it in. 10th cycle students along with instructors, Jim Bender, Pete Bish and Keith Morris, are setting up a live sound band clinic. In our Studio C live room down the hall, instructor Ryan Baker will be overseeing students running feeds from the Live Sound Venue for a remote recording session.

10th Cycle needs to get the room prepared for the live performance.  Everything from getting the band set up, cabled, mic’d and ready to sound check.  While they are accomplishing those tasks, some of their classmates are setting up a remote recording rig to capture the performance in another room on campus.

With that cycle busy setting up the stage, PA system and front-of-house, our 11th Cycle class is working with our instructor, Paul Richards.  These students are setting up a live mobile recording session.

Their objective is to get their equipment set up along side the 10th cycle’s set up and capture the performance using additional room mics and feeds from the front-of-house console.

CRAS students from both cycles, learn about how to go about setting up for many scenarios with Friday’s hands-on class.  It’s great to see them all working with and around each other to accomplish their jobs.  There is a ton of stuff to do in the 4 hour class.  By the end of class, students can’t believe how fast the time went.

Students learn that live sound and recording incorporate many of the same principles as studio recordings, but adds tremendous immediacy. “The show must go on” is a traditional phrase in live audio.

There is no “Take 2” in Live Sound.

Check out this video from our grad Eddie Mapp; who is currently on tour with Papa Roach as their front-of-house engineer.

With the hands-on environment in Live Sound, the students are shown that live/mobile recording does not require a five figure investment in gear; you leave CRAS with most of what you need to do a basic recording. Even the most basic gear can earn you a paycheck and that paycheck can work you toward better gear, more channels, and ultimate more opportunities!

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