5 Benefits of Going to a Music Production School

While it’s true there are music professionals who have become successful in their fields without proper training from accredited schools and instructors, the Professional Audio Industry has changed, and if YOU want to get into it, YOU have to LEARN into it. Music Production schools, like The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS), are a great step if you are thinking about pursuing a career in the music field. By attending one of these types of educational institutions, you will be exposed to different types of recording software, legacy hardware, audio engineering techniques, recording production and many other facets of music production. If YOU are the kind of person that needs to CONTRIBUTE to the Professional Audio Industry, then consider the following, when seeking an education:

An opportunity for hands-on experience.

These types of schools offer one major advantage over four-year music education programs: an immersive hands-on experience. At CRAS, there is a continuous “learn then do” philosophy that our students base their excellence on. For example, you will observe your instructor producing and recording music, learning about the different types of software and cutting-edge production equipment. CRAS instructors are industry professionals who handle the day-to-day classes, manage the programs and serve as guest presenters. After this observation period, it is your turn to take over the production controls. You will then search for, and land, an industry internship during your program, and this type of hands-on experience most typically leads to a good job after graduation.

The lower cost of a two-year education.

The average cost of a two-year school for music production is about one-fourth the cost of a four-year program at other institutions. If you fully finance your education, you will save additional interests costs. However, you are unlikely to fully finance your two-year production degree. Most students are able to work at least part time during their educations, often tapping into the skills they are learning in class and earning a decent income that reduces their post-education debt. CRAS prides itself in providing a world-class education without amassing a mountain of debt! The Professional Audio Industry demands a “now” knowledge, and CRAS provides that in less than ONE YEAR!

The salaries for your trade school education.

There is an unfair stigma that two-year trade school graduates earn significantly less than four-year degree alumni. This is simply untrue. You have to take into account your education savings and your room for growth in a very short amount of time. Because most music production graduates are out in the job force after just two years of education, they are already earning full-time salaries in half the time of their four-year contemporaries. This means that you will get a jump-start on your earning potential right out of school, allowing you to progress more quickly to higher salaries. Again, because of CRAS’ accelerated program, CRAS develops the kind of employable candidate that is “now” capable!

Job security for your new skills.

One of your biggest advantages from attending an audio engineering or a music production school is that you will have a set of skills that are not typical for other music graduates. When your education is as vast as the one CRAS affords YOU, you can easily jump from discipline to disciple, from Live sound one night, to Record Production tomorrow, to Film Audio tomorrow night! Your high-precision skills will be in demand because the industry demands excellence and efficiency, which are had by way of a TOP TIER Education.

No wait time to begin training for your future.

Most four-year colleges have start dates in either the fall or the spring, and they do not often offer entry classes for new students at other times of the year. However, two-year audio and music schools typically provide multiple start date opportunities. CRAS, for example, has a rotating Class Start Date schedule that, most often, will allow YOU to LAUNCH YOUR CAREER IN PRO AUDIO when the timing in right. This can be a tremendous advantage when you decide to start preparing yourself for the greatest education you can find.

There are many reasons that attending a music production school may be a good idea for you. Consider these benefits and your future in the audio field, and begin your application to get a start on your future in the music industry. Contact CRAS at www.cras.edu or at (800)562-6383 so that your Admissions Representative can CONNECT YOU TO YOUR DREAM!

Lastly, we have music production local exposure in nine other major metros outside of Arizona. Here is a quick list in case you know anyone in these areas that would love to learn music production or audio engineering.