Music Production Schools Online vs School Experience

If you are searching for a music production school online or which music production schools that are at the top of their game, “near me”, and music production schools to help you land a fulfilled career in the music industry we can help!

First and foremost let’s get this straight to begin with going to a music production school “online” WILL NOT be the same experience you can get in person or in a school and classroom setting.

You will be selling yourself and your music career short trying to learn music production and audio engineering only online.

Alright now that you have read the top reasons to go to an actual music production school and can see why just going online vs. going to school is cutting your music career short let us share some other insights about the classroom setting and the benefits of our music production schools in some of our recent YouTube videos.

See how Instructor Scott Murray explores and demonstrates the versatility of the myriad options found with modular synthesizers. If you’ve ever been curious about how to make your own sounds, EuroRacks, or just routing signal and electricity in general, this is a great class to check out!

The point is taking an online “music production” program vs. in class setting you will miss out BIG time…

Some of the thing you get from us vs online…

  • Interaction
  • Engagement
  • Senses (feel, see, hear)
  • Patience (instructors take their time to answer any question you have)
  • Flexibility (the instructor can adapt to your experience/question in class)
  • Networking with other students sharing ideas and knowledge together

Again, this IN person, IN school experience blows away any music production school that is strictly online only.